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6th June 2019

Brakspear Beers Celebrate Local Heritage With Fresh New Look

Taking inspiration from the brand’s Oxfordshire home, Brakspear has overhauled its image to showcase its unique brewing method.

The rebrand will be the first time that the Oxford based brand has invested into its look, an investment that will start to be rolled out in supermarkets and pubs from June 2019.

The 12 month process started for Brakspear following insight into the premiumisation of the beer industry. This also led to a decision to rename ‘Brakspear Bitter’ to the new name of ‘Gravity’ following consumer feedback on the misunderstanding on the word ‘Bitter’ and references the unique Double-Drop brewing process that uses gravity to enter a second fermentation.

Incorporating the key Brakspear colours, the new look has overhauled all of the branding, including logo, strapline, pump clips, bottle labels and all supporting POS. The simple yet effective designs are a celebration of its Oxfordshire roots shown through hand-drawn illustrations and showcases the Brakspear’s classic emblem, the illustrated Bee. The famous Double Dropping brewing method also takes pride of place as the main strapline and is still used to brew Brakspear beers to this day.

Brand Manager of Brakspear beers, Jodie Ringer added: “The Brakspear name is so iconic in terms of British Brewing but its look had started to feel out of place so we knew we had to give it a new lease of life. We knew there was an opportunity to simplify the look so we found inspiration from the local area which is shown in the hand-drawn illustrations and of course, the iconic Brakspear Bee.

The new look, which will start appearing in pubs and supermarkets from mid-June is also going on tour and will be appearing as a pop-up bar at a number of events over the summer including; Fantastic Foodie Festivals and Countryfile Live.

Jodie added: “We are looking forward to getting the product in people’s hands, they are the ones who are going to be interacting with the product so we can’t wait to see what they think.”


Editors Notes

Brakspear beers moved to Wychwood Brewery in 2002 following a £1million redevelopment to move some of the original Brakspear brewing equipment, including the famous Brakspear ‘Double Drop’ Fermenting vessels.

Double Dropping creates clarity, of sight and flavour. Fermenting for 16 hours before flowing naturally under gravity to a second vessel to begin its unique second fermentation.


  • List of pubs are available through the website (new website live on 5th June 2019) on
  • 17 Supermarket stockists will vary by region but will include; Morrisons, Lidl, Ocado, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Bargain Booze and Costco.

For more information on Brakspear beers or Marston’s, please contact Lauren Hagan on 01926 338811 or