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18th December 2020

Brewers and Hop Farmers Collaborate to Create Farm to Pint Beers, Coming Soon in 2021

YAKIMA, Wash., Dec. 17, 2020 – Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), a 100% farmer owned global hop supplier, is pleased to announce the launch of a special beer project, Farm to Pint, beginning in 2021. The series will feature new beers throughout the year, each brewed in collaboration with a different family hop farm and local European breweries.

For more than 30 years, Yakima Chief Hops has made it their mission to connect the multigenerational family hop farms of the Pacific Northwest with the finest brewers across the globe. Inspired by this connection, and the incredible process that it takes to make beer from the ground up, YCH has created the Farm to Pint Project.

“Farm to Pint is a literal translation of our mission statement at YCH and a chance to help build lasting relationships right across the supply-chain,” said Luke Kulchstein, European Marketing Lead at YCH. “Working in partnership with our grower network and some of the finest brewers in Europe, we are hoping to bring a little slice of the Pacific Northwest to beer drinkers everywhere. Something that’s particularly important to us after a year like we have seen in 2020.”

Starting in 2021, YCH will feature six different Farm to Pint collaborations, brewed every other month. The breweries are hand selected by YCH and each one is partnered with a different hop farm from their grower network. The growers and YCH Sensory Team will decide which hop varieties and field lots will be used, while the brewery determines what they will brew. The single farm lots provided will be offered exclusively to the participating brewery, making each collaboration brew a truly one-of-a-kind Farm to Pint beer.

The Farm to Pint Project is one of the first beer collaborations that offers hop growers the opportunity to personally share their vision on a great beer and select the exact hops to be used. Believing that the relationships between hop growers and brewers are as sacred as the beers they brew, YCH aims to celebrate this connection with the release of Farm to Pint beers throughout the year.

Yakima Chief Hops invites brewers and beer drinkers alike to experience these unique beers that showcase some of the best hops of the 2020 harvest. The first beer series release is expected to be at the end of February 2021, featuring Carpenter Ranches & Pressure Drop Brewing in London, UK. Stay tuned for more information at


Yakima Chief Hops

YCH is a 100% grower-owned global hop supplier with a mission to connect brewers with family hop farms. Operating for more than 30 years, we have become more than a hop supplier. We are leaders of innovation, quality and customer service. We are a resource for brewers, providing solutions-based products and industry leading research. We are advocates of sustainability and meaningful social causes, working to support the environment and communities around us.

Press release from Yakima Chief Hops


Cait Schut, Global Communications Manager, YCH