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20th April 2022

Brick Brewery celebrate #MildMay with a cask-only release of a 3.7% Dark Mild

Whilst we enjoy drinking a pint of Mild all year round, CAMRA’s #MildMay campaign was good enough reason as any to brew one of our own at Brick Brewery.

The 3.7% Mild is malt forward with notes of dark chocolate & roasted coffee. Slightly nutty and beautifully balanced. Destined exclusively for cask, this beer is perfect for supping down the pub.

It’s only a limited run of 120 casks, 60 of which are making their way to Fuller’s pubs across London, as well as our own Taproom in Peckham Rye. The remaining 60 will be available to order from the 25th April 2022, and the beer will be released on the 2nd May 2022.

Usually known for our kettle sour range and consistent selection of Foundation beers, the brewing team were extremely excited to take on this style and brew exclusively with cask in mind.

Notes to Editor:

A bit about Brick Brewery…

Brick is a well-established brewery based out of Peckham & Deptford, South East London. Our focus lies heavily on quality, consistency, and providing a beer for everyone, for every occasion. We’re also known for our industry leading kettle sour range with new releases and recipes planned every three or so weeks throughout the year.​

Press release from Brick Brewery

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