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24th May 2023

Brixton Brewery launches new ATL campaign following +124% distribution growth


Brixton Brewery has launched a playful new ATL campaign, created by Otherway London, which pays homage to the lo-fi ‘wish you were here’ nostalgia of tourist postcards from years gone by. The activity follows +124% growth in distribution points over the last 12 months, cementing Brixton’s place as a top 5 UK Craft Brand[2].

Rather than the usual beach and pier shots, the ads feature the charming chaos of urban life, from pavement pigeons to abandoned supermarket trolleys and market stall butchers, lending humour and a tongue-in-cheek character to the campaign. Captions like ‘An all-inclusive holiday for your mouth’ and ‘The glittering jewel of south London’ bring a playful retro feel.

“We’re bringing that special Brixton mix of what we call the grit and the glitter to this campaign,” says brewery Co-Founder and Managing Director, Jez Galaun. “There’s so much buzz and joy in bringing diverse groups together, as you see in Brixton, and we always want to give people a flavour of that, wherever they are or wherever they’re from. We want to celebrate all the things that we love about where we are, not just the typical shiny tourist-friendly bits. What makes Brixton so special is the way everything and everyone comes together to create something greater than the sum of all those diverse parts. With all due respect to Oxford Circus, you’ll never regret staying on the Victoria Line until you get to Brixton.”

The campaign also builds on the success of last year’s Electric Collective Initiative, working with local creatives to pay tribute to Brixton. This year the brewery has partnered with Brixton-based photographer Freddie Payne to capture a series of authentic street shots, as well as commissioning local musicians Ayo Salawu and Renato Paris, to create an original music track called ‘Coldharbour Lane,’ inspired by the local area.

Launching on 22nd May, the campaign features a range of bold and eye-catching OOH posters, a series of online travel films, digital banners and a targeted underground campaign; where riders will see the brewery take good-natured aim at other, arguably less distinctive, parts of London with captions like ‘Life’s way too short for Oxford Circus’ and ‘Seriously, who gets off at Warren Street?’ inviting people to continue their tube journey south and, in its words, ‘Get a Taste of Brixton’.

Notes to editors:

About Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery was started in 2013 by two local couples, and we’ve been brewing in this melting-pot part of south London ever since. Everything we do is supercharged with the buzz and electricity of our home and its openness to new people and ideas. Our locally crafted beers are modern classics with a Brixton twist – telling the story of Brixton in their names, vibrant designs, and flavours. From the ultra-refreshing Coldharbour Lager to our juicy Atlantic American Pale Ale, our range of bold, modern, and perfectly balanced brews offer something for everyone to enjoy.

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[2] CGA P03 2023, On Trade Val Share Last 12 Weeks

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