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28th September 2021

Budweiser Budvar Launches Limited Edition Collaboration Beer

‘Bohemian Idols’ Brewed With Acclaimed Craft Brewery Pivovar Clock

Budweiser Budvar has announced a landmark new collaboration created in conjunction with respected Czech craft brewery, Pivovar Clock.

Reflecting its position as the Czech national brewery, Budvar’s stated mission is to enhance the reputation of all Czech beer globally, and this the first collaboration beer Budvar has released internationally in support of this aim.

Lager lovers will have the chance to try Bohemian Idols, a 5.2% ABV lager, at a series of tap takeovers around the UK. The brew will be available in the UK on-trade from October in a limited run of 20 litre kegs, as well as a small number of 500ml cans available to consumers at selected events.

The name Bohemian Idols is a link to the No Idols beer range brewed by Pivovar Clock, and also reflects both breweries’ place in the beer culture of Bohemia.

As well as uniting the two brewers themselves, Bohemian Idols also brings together tradition and innovation in two Czech hop varieties. The recipe uses Saaz Late, a variation on the ancient Czech Saaz hop, bringing an important balance of bitterness and aroma, and the newly developed Kazbek, which has a citrus flavour, often used in IPAs, as well as the spice of a classic noble hop.

Bohemian Idols was brewed in the Pivovar Clock brewery in Potštejn, eastern Bohemia, by brewmaster Jakub Sychra and Aleš Dvořák of Budvar. Together with Budvar’s traditional malts, sourced from the Hana region of Moravia, the double decoction mashing process was followed by six weeks of cold conditioning in Pivovar Clock’s cellars.

As the nation’s brewery, still proudly owned by the Czech people, Budweiser Budvar collaborates with many smaller and up-and coming breweries, but Bohemian Idols is the first collaboration by Budvar to be available beyond the Czech border.

Jitka Vlčková, managing director of Budweiser Budvar UK, said: “The UK is one of the most important markets for Budvar outside the Czech Republic itself, and so we’re delighted to be launching Bohemian Idols at a series of Tap Takeovers hosted by some of our closest on-trade partners.

“Czech brewing is a proud combination of tradition and innovation, and Bohemian Idols brings that all together with a new and refreshing take on the classic Czech lager.”

Tap Takeovers will be held during October and November at venues in London, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol, Worcester, Cardiff, Edinburgh  and Glasgow. Venues and dates include:

  • Pivo, London EC1V 9AA – October 20
  • The Pembury Tavern,  London E8 1JH – October 21
  • The Porterhouse, London WC2E 7NA – October 27
  • Llandoger Trow, Bristol BS1 4ER – November 3
  • Firefly, Worcester WR1 2SE – November 4
  • Cambrian Tap, Cardiff CF10 1AD – November 5
  • Left Handed Giant, Bristol  BS2 0JE – November 12
  • Piccadilly Tap, Manchester  M1 2GH – November 15
  • Salthorse,  Edinburgh EH1 1NB – November 24
  • Koelschip Yard, Glasgow – November 25

Further dates and venues will be listed at as they are confirmed.

Speaking about the collaboration, Jakub Sychra of Pivovar Clock said: “Budweiser Budvar is the beer I’m proud represents Czech brewing around the world. A collaboration between what is the biggest craft brewery and one of the smallest was a logical step for us. Our aim was to make a classic Czech beer, but one that will have that extra zest of new raw materials, new hops, and a New World kind of taste.”

Aleš Dvořák of Budweiser Budvar said: “Budvar and Clock are very different breweries, but our love and passion for brewing is the same. The idea of this beer is to mix new hops with Budvar’s malt and yeast and take the classic Czech lager somewhere new, while retaining the core qualities of brewing that make Czech beer renowned around the world.

“We’ve learned so much from working with each other on Bohemian Idols. And, of course, best of all is that we have produced an amazing new beer for people to try.”


Editor’s notes

Budweiser Budvar ( is the national brewery of the Czech Republic and an iconic Czech lager known the world over but only ever brewed only in České Budějovice (Budweis), South Bohemia. Fiercely independent, and cold-conditioning its beer for months, it is only brewed in the same town it has been since 1895 using quality local ingredients that have earned it Protected Geographical Origin status from the EU. Budvar knows all about devotion, tradition and doing things the right way. The brewery still proudly uses the finest whole-cone Saaz hops, Moravian malts, artesian soft water from an Ice Age aquifer underneath the brewery. Small wonder it’s been described as the “last true lager in Europe”.

Press release from Budweiser Budvar

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