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19th August 2020

Campervan Brewery to launch its new ‘Limited Edition’ range with Freshly Squeezed, a citrus sour as first release

The Leith based brewery has launched its new ‘Limited Edition’ range with the release of Freshly Squeezed, a new citrus sour. The new beer was launched on Monday 17th of August, during an event that took place at their fermentaria Lost In Leith.

A new ‘Limited Editions’ range

With this range the Scottish brewery aimed to reaffirm the values that make Campervan Brewery and the beer industry fun and lovable; but also values of friendship and inclusivity.

The beers created in this range will celebrate their love for good beers, local products and local producers, and a bit of Leith spirit too; but also partnership with breweries or friends sharing those same values.

Paul Gibson, founder of The Campervan Brewery to say:

“At Campervan Brewery, we always cared about being an active part of our community, defending values of friendship and inclusivity and we believed we had to show it with more than words but with a range dedicated to communicate and promote this message”.

For the new range design, Campervan Brewery has worked with Jason Kerley, a freelance designer and illustrator based in Glasgow.

Jason is bewilderingly passionate about craft, paper and pens and when he’s not illustrating and animating, he’s collecting dice, making strange electronic music and jumping in lochs.

The designer tried to give the new range a feel of craft and community inspired by Berlin’s beer gardens, whilst embracing Campervan’s outdoorsy universe.

The first edition of this new range – Freshly Squeezed – has been released during a party organised at Campervan’s Fermentaria Lost In Leith, surrounded by local breweries and producers, but also friends and partners of Campervan.

Freshly Squeezed, a Citrus Sour

This 5.2% ABV citrus and lactose sour is a fresh and juicy beer. The adjuncts of orange zest, lemon, lime and mandarin juice to the lactose sour beer makes it very drinkable and summery with a great bitterness brought by the addition of Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.

With Freshly Squeezed, the brewery wanted to create a beer that pairs with summer and parties surrounded by neighbours and the community.

Paul Gibson, founder of The Campervan Brewery to say:

“After the past few months we thought the community spirit should be even more important and we wanted to reaffirm those values with our friends from the beer industry and local neighbours.”

To add a fun twist to the party, Lost In Leith Bar Manager Sophie Holt has created a recipe for the occasion, to also enjoy Freshly Squeezed frozen as a Beer Popsicle.

The beer, which has been released to the public on Tuesday 18th of August, can be found on the Campervan Brewery Web Store or in a selection of bottle shops.

About Campervan Brewery:

Started as a way to find some respite while he was looking after his family afflicted by illness, Paul Gibson began to professionally brew beer in 2015 in his garage or in his VW Campervan converted in a mobile brewery, “The Hoppy Camper”.

After struggling to keep up with demand, Paul decided to open The Campervan Brewery in Leith in January 2017.

The brewery hasn’t stopped growing since, with the opening of a taproom in August 2017 and the increase of their brewing capacity from 50HL to 120HL in 2019.


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