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7th March 2018

CAMRA members cast their vote on the organisation’s future

This week the Campaign for Real Ale’s members will be casting their votes on the future direction and purpose of the 47-year-old consumer organisation.

Members will have the opportunity to decide whether CAMRA will widen its remit to represent drinkers of quality beers of all types and move its focus beyond traditional pubs and clubs.

The proposals follow a root and branch review of the organisation’s purpose and objectives, which involved the consultation of all 191,000 members. If approved, they could take the form of:

  • CAMRA festivals offering a range of quality beers, ciders and perries in all formats, alongside a wider range of canned and bottled products

  • CAMRA engaging with drinkers of all types, supporting them on a journey of discovery to understand why real ale, cider and perry is particularly special

  • CAMRA educating members in appreciating quality beer, as well as campaigning to drive up the quality of beers in all licensed establishments

  • CAMRA providing access to information about all kinds of beer, not just real ale, as well as the opportunity to learn more about how they’re made and the differences between different types and beer and the way they’re dispensed

  • CAMRA’s national competitions continuing to reward the best real ales and pubs, but also accepting a wider pool of entries into its competitions.

  • CAMRA acting as the representative of all pub-goers, in campaigning to preserve the special role that pubs play in their local communities

Voting opens this week both online and via postal votes, and will continue until Wednesday 18 April. Members may also choose to vote in person at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Coventry on the 21st April.

CAMRA Chairman Colin Valentine said: “It’s always been important that our members have had a say throughout this review process and we’re now at the point where we’ll be giving all our members the chance to vote on the final recommendations.

“This marks an important stage in CAMRA’s long history. The beer and pub landscape has changed over the last 47 years and continues to evolve, and we’re determined to remain relevant to drinkers of all types so that we can continue to offer a compelling reason for people to join our organisation.

“The vote will be held at our Annual General Meeting in Coventry in April, but members unable to attend this meeting can vote by proxy between now and then. We will be making sure members can access the full details of the changes we’re recommending, along with the analysis of the impacts and potential opportunities the changes will have before they cast a final vote.”

CAMRA’s leaders to be chosen

CAMRA members will have the chance to choose who joins the organisation’s board of directors, the ‘National Executive’ from one of the biggest candidate lists in recent memory.

Ten candidates have put their names forward for four seats on the National Executive – the 12-strong group of elected volunteers who set strategy for the Campaign for Real Ale.

This year’s candidates are:

  • Nik Antona – from East Staffordshire: a National Executive member re-standing for election

  • Lynn Atack – CAMRA volunteer from Doncaster

  • Greg Cloney – CAMRA volunteer from Coventry

  • Ash Corbett-Collins – CAMRA volunteer from Birmingham, National Coordinator of CAMRA’s Young Members’ Group

  • Bradley Cummings – CAMRA volunteer from Cardiff

  • Nicholas Hair – CAMRA volunteer from London

  • Ian Hill – CAMRA volunteer from Hertfordshire: a National Executive member re-standing for election

  • Gillian Hough – CAMRA volunteer from Derbyshire: A member of the Derby Winter Ales Festival organising team and various CAMRA national committees

  • Chris Stairman – CAMRA volunteer from Cheshire

  • Alexander Wright – from Buckinghamshire,a National Executive member re-standing for election

Members will be able to cast votes directly for up to four candidates, either by postal ballot or online. Those attending CAMRA’s AGM in Coventry will also be able to cast votes for candidates, if they haven’t already chosen to do so by other means.

For more details of how to vote, and the election addresses from the candidates, visit


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CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, is a not-for-profit consumer group with over 191,000 members that has been operating since 1971. Our vision is to have quality real ale and thriving pubs in every community.

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