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29th October 2014

Celtic experience – Celtic tap takeiver


Old Welsh Folklore has it that “children would rush home early as a tail-less black sow roamed the countryside with a headless woman on winters eve…”


So it seems fitting that The Celt Experience is launching a new brew called The Tailless Black Sow at a five pub tap takeover event this Friday from 7pm.


Celt Experience has ran into an old cult witch recipe to create the brew and have used some ingredients such as mugwort and sage to assist flavours in what they are calling “a whopping IPA”.


As well as the Tailless Black Sow, the Celt Experience brewers will be showing off their core range at five venues this Halloween.


Some of the kegs on tap:


La Tene 3.5% Dry Hopped bitter

Golden Age  4.2% Hoppy pale ale

Silures 4.6% Session IPA with Munich Malt and heather

Lammas Harvest 5.2% Gooseberry Beliner Weisse

Brigid Fire 6.3% Smoked Rye IPA brewed with French yeast blend

Black Book 5.3% Dark Saison

Hallstatt Deity 6.6% Pomegranate Saison

A Tailless Black Sow 4.7% Red Session IPA

Celt House Lager 5.0% Hoppy Pilsner

Home of the Fruitcakes, a Brewdog collaboration 6.0% fruit saison


The event is on on Friday the 31st October at 7pm in the following venues:


Port Street Beer House in Manchester,

The Rake in London,

Brewdog in Cardiff,

The Wheatsheaf Rooms in Llantrisant

CraftBowl in Caerphilly