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29th June 2017

Comment from Alcohol Information Partnership

Commenting on today’s figures on alcohol consumption in the National Survey of Wales Dave Roberts Director General of the Alcohol Information Partnership said:

“Once again the official data from the Welsh Assembly Government shows that on the whole Wales is a nation of moderate drinkers with a welcome drop in the number of people binge drinking.  The number of people reporting to have drunk over the CMO guidelines in the past week continues to fall with the most significant declines being among adults under 44.

The significant improvements in young adults relationship with alcohol has resulted in more young adults drinking within guidelines compared to their older counterparts. The poorest in society continue to drink less than the wealthiest.

To tackle specific areas of concern requires targeted programmes that encourage people to modify their habits without penalising the moderate majority who enjoy a convivial drink at home or out with friends, or the young adults and the poorest who already drink the least.

The partnerships between retailers, licensees, some charities, industry and the public sector that design projects to educate people about the potential harms of over consumption, to reduce alcohol related crime and to encourage a vibrant and safe night time economy appear to be working well.”



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