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4th July 2017

Comment on report on alcohol and cancer from United European Gastroenterology

Commenting on recent reports from the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) about alcohol and cancer, and comments from Ian Gilmore at the Alcohol Health Alliance Dave Roberts Director General of the Alcohol Information Partnership said


“According to Government data the vast majority of people in the UK drink within the Chief Medical Officers new low risk guidelines.  The guideline of 14 units per week equates to roughly six pints of beer or fourteen measures of spirit per week and many people will actually be drinking considerably less.  To say that most people are drinking in excess of this is irresponsible scaremongering by the anti-alcohol lobby.


Our relationship with alcohol has matured and for over a decade UK consumption has fallen without resorting to the heavy handed state interventions favoured by many in the anti-alcohol lobby.  Targeted partnership programmes have seen the public sector, retailers, licensees, some charities and industry come together to pool resources and expertise to educate people about alcohol, tackle underage drinking and improve the experience in town and city centres so everyone can enjoy a night out with friends or family.”




For further information please contact Dave Roberts on 07733323350


Dave Roberts

Director General

Alcohol Information Partnership

Tel: +447733323350