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8th August 2012

Cyclops Beer Launches New Website

Cyclops Beer is launching a new website on 8th August to make searching for a beer easier than ever before. Already established as the leading resource for helping to demystify cask ale, this latest version of contains all those beers which have been accredited by Cyclops plus a number of new and exciting ways for consumers to interact with the website, both in desktop and mobile versions.

Cyclops Beer was established in 2006 and helps consumers to understand what is it is that they like about a particular beer, such as a preference for hoppy and bitter beers or those which are sweeter and more malty. The use of symbols is quick and easy to understand and ideal for those new to the category or interested in learning more about it.

Tony Jerome, founding member of the Cyclops Beer Board, said

“This new website is a major investment for Cyclops and will go a long way in demystifying beer and helping consumers find their way around the enormous range of real ales available in the UK. With over 1360 beers accredited, consumers can really have some fun at, rating beers, gaining badges for particular beer styles and regions and finding out more about beers that they may enjoy using our ‘Genius’ function.”

Beer Festivals can use the site to download cask end cards for their festivals using the eye, nose and mouth symbols and as well as setting up their own beer festival page within Breweries can find out how to get their beers accredited so that they too can sign up to Cyclops and use the tasting notes in their own marketing material as well on the Cyclops site.

Jerome continued “Other recent progress from Cyclops includes adoption for trials with a leading pub company which is piloting it in a number of outlets. Only beers which are accredited by Cyclops can be part of this success story so I would urge breweries to invest in Cyclops, especially if they are SIBA members as SIBA pays almost half of their initial accreditation fee.”

Notes for Editors

Cyclops Beer was established in 2006 by a number of industry bodies including Everards, the Campaign for Real Ale, SIBA and Cask Marque. It is run by the Cyclops Beer Board and is a not-for-profit company.

It costs a brewery £250 to get up to 5 beers accredited and £20 for any additional beers. There is an annual fee for breweries to cover the cost of the website which ranges from £30 for small breweries to £350. If you are a SIBA member then SIBA will pay £100 of the initial £250 fee. There is no fee for pubs, beer festivals or beer drinkers.
The new website has been designed by digital marketing agency, The Bottom Line

For further information please contact:

Louise Ashworth, Ashworth PR & Marketing 07740 844 733

Tony Jerome, Head of Marketing, Campaign for Real Ale and member of the Cyclops Beer Board 07736 948186