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3rd May 2023

Euroboozer & Stiegl Launch ‘Summer of Radler’ cocktail competition

As the evenings draw out and the days become slightly warmer, Euroboozer’s Stiegl ‘Summer of Radler’ cocktail competition will kick off this month.

With the final taking place on the first official day of summer (21st June), entries for the annual competition will open on Wednesday 3rd May, challenging the best bartenders and mixologists in the UK to create their own Stiegl Radler beer cocktail. The creator of the winning cocktail will receive £1000, a beer a day for a year and a bundle of personalised cocktail gear.

Now in its fourth year, the 2023 competition will be a little different as the Stiegl Raspberry Radler is now available in the UK, and can be used for cocktail creations alongside the Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, which was the sole focus of last year’s competition.

This year’s competition will be open to any bartender or mixologist working in the UK (regardless of whether their place of work stocks Stiegl beers). Entrants will need to have a palate and imagination for making beautiful cocktail creations, take a decent photo (prominently featuring a can of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler or Stiegl Raspberry Radler) and fill in a basic application form.

Entries will open on Wednesday 3rd May and will close on Sunday 11th June. An initial paper judging will then take place, followed by a social media vote which will whittle the entries down to five. The five most popular cocktails will then progress to the live final, which will be held at Albert’s Schloss in Birmingham following Bartender Benjamin Szehofner’s victory at last year’s competition.

Renowned for producing some of the most eminently refreshing beers on the market, Stiegl mixes its iconic Goldbräu lager with homemade grapefruit soda for the Grapefruit Radler and raspberry lemonade for the Raspberry Radler. Both are delicious on their own, but also make excellent bases for seasonal beer cocktails.

On the launch of this year’s competition, Martyn Railton, MD of Euroboozer, said: “This is the fourth year of our Stiegl Radler Cocktail campaign and each year it’s bigger and better with more interest and high quality entries. I spend my summers trying to recreate cocktails as they come in. It’s quite fun! This year will be even more special as entrants will be able to use the Stiegl Raspberry Radler in addition to the Grapefruit Radler. Both drinks taste great on their own, but also work in a wide range of cocktails. I can’t wait to taste this year’s entries.”

Great examples of beer cocktails created in previous years include Ben Szehofner’s Kiss From A Rose, MEATliquor’s famous Radlerita and beer writer Mark Dredge’s Campari Radler.

For more details on entering this year’s competition, visit

Stiegl Beer Cocktail Competition 2023 

  • Open to any bartender and mixologist working in the UK
  • Visit for further info, full T&Cs and to fill in the basic application form, upload details of the cocktail, the recipe, ingredients, method and an image of the cocktail, prominently featuring a can of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler or Stiegl Raspberry Radler
  • The deadline for entries is the Sunday 11th June 2023
  • On the 12th June, an initial paper judging will take place to shortlist a minimum of 20 creations
  • These will then be put forward to a vote on social media with the five most popular progressing to the live final
  • This live final will take place at Albert’s Schloss in Birmingham on the 21st June with industry experts on hand to judge the drinks and to announce the winner
  • The winner will receive £1000, a beer a day for a year and a bundle of personalised cocktail gear.

About Stiegl  

First mentioned in written records on 16th June 1492, Stiegl Brauerei in Salzburg, Austria, grew out of a popular beer-making guesthouse called the ‘Bräuhaus an der Gstätten’.

Over the past 531 years, Stiegl has seen immense joy and celebrations but also fires, war and economic turmoil. The brewery persevered, however, and has managed to remain strong, playing a huge role in both Salzburg and Austria’s culture and history. Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was known to be a fan of Stiegl’s beers during the 18th century.

Today the brewery is best-known for its multi award-winning Stiegl Goldbräu beer, with Stiegl utilising a wealth of brewing experience combined with some of the most high-tech brewing equipment and processes in Europe. The brewery also benefits from the finest Austrian raw materials sourced from local farmers (some of which are cultivated in the brewery’s own fields), plus Alpine Spring Water from Salzburg’s house mountain, the Untersberg.

About Euroboozer 

Started from the back of an old VW Vento in 2003, Euroboozer was set up by beer lover Martyn Railton, initially importing Austrian brands Stiegl, Schremser and Hirter. The company soon branched out across the Atlantic to bring some of the finest US craft brewers to the UK. 20 years on, the VW Vento has gone to be replaced with offices and a warehouse in Hertfordshire with a fleet of vans delivering all over the country.

Euroboozer now supplies some of the finest food and beverage establishments in the country and their brands still include Austria’s Stiegl, Schremser and Hirter, plus a sublime selection of specialist Czech lager brands such as Kutna Hora, New York’s famous Brooklyn Brewery, BlakStoc cider from Austria, and beers from leading British breweries such as DEYA, London Brewing Company, Rooster’s and Verdant, which are mainstays in almost all of the UK’s best craft beer bars and bottle shops.

For further information, contact Euroboozer on 01923 263335 or, visit or follow @euroboozer on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Imagery can be found here

For further information, contact Euroboozer on 01923 263335 or