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26th February 2013

Evan-Evans tops brewing Oscars with Organic Gold!

Llandeilo-based brewer Evan-Evans has been voted the top organic beer brewer
in the world at the Brewing Industry International Brewing Awards 2013.
The awards are often known as the brewing Oscars and represent the pinnacle
of brewing excellence.
Judged by 40 brewers from around the world, this is the ultimate brewing
competition – brewers judged by brewers.
Evan-Evans won the coveted Bronze medal in the Best Bitter category in 2011,
but this year triumphed in the event, winning the Gold medal for organic
Not simply the best in Wales, but the world.
No other Welsh Brewer won an award or medal.
Simon Buckley, Chief Executive of the Evan-Evans group, said:
“This is a very special moment for us at Evan-Evans.
“The beer was brewed by my son James, with our technical brewer Sajan
Muthanna taking responsibility for the quality control and monitoring the
fermentation. (James and Sajan are pictured above) “”This is a major
achievement for our team here in Llandeilo.
To be voted the world’s No1 organic brewer is something we are extremely
proud of and this shows that our brewing skills are some of the very best
not only in Wales but across the world.
“To win the bronze medal was a major achievement, but to win the Gold medal
is the greatest recognition we could ask for.
“For my two young brewers, this shows that hard work, determination and
skill delivered in the international awards arena.
“At 24, to be voted the top organic brewer in this way is an incredible
achievement for them both and it is justifiably something they should both
be enormously proud of.
“The dedication they have shown to the process and their ability to brew
internationally award-winning ales has shown that Welsh brewing is not only
alive and well, but that the Buckley family are now back in their rightful
place as the most successful brewing family in Wales.
“I am extremely proud of our achievement and now look forward to the
ceremony in the Guildhall in April, when we will have the opportunity to fly
the flag for Wales and celebrate our family brewing heritage.”
The International Brewing Awards were judged in Burton upon Trent on
Wednesday through to Friday last week, by a panel of 40 judges from around
the world.

For press: Further information from Simon Buckley on 01558824455 or Robert
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Evan-Evans is owned by Simon Buckley, whose family have brewed in Wales
since 1767, Evan-Evans has a reputation for brewing the highest quality
cask-conditioned beers.
Evan-Evans is Wales’s largest specialist brewer of cask ale. The company
started brewing in 2004 to produce specialist cask ales for the Welsh and
national guest ale market.
A few words about the Buckley brewing tradition . . . The brewing heritage
of the Buckley family stretches back to the early 19th century after the Rev
James Buckley married the eldest daughter of Henry Child who had founded
Childs Brewery in Llanelli. It was set up to slake the thirst of the town’s
tinworkers, who were rapidly increasing in numbers.
The clergyman’s 18-year-old namesake James Buckley is today part of the
seventh generation and each one before him has been directly involved in the
industry. His father, Simon, was the last Buckley to brew at Llanelli before
moving to London in 1984.
Buckleys Brewery had the distinction of being the only Welsh brewer to hold
a royal warrant. In 1991 it became Crown Buckley when it was taken over by a
subsidiary of Guinness. It was sold to Brains in 1997 and the Llanelli
Brewery closed a year later.
Evan-Evans was actually founded in Llandeilo in 2003 and began brewing in
It is named after William Evan-Evans who married into the family four
generations ago.

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