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22nd October 2019


Former brewers at Tottenham nightclub to found new brewery and taproom and fund environmental approach by offering crowdfunders double their money in the form of a bar tab.

[Crowdfund campaign launched at 9am today (21.10.19)]

Exale Brewing has teamed up with Victory London Distillery to found a brewery, taproom and distillery in the heart of Walthamstow—and is offering the public the chance to double their money.

Founders Mark Hislop and Daniel Vane were brewing in a shipping container outside a nightclub until recently, but have outgrown the space and want a permanent, more sustainable space to expand.

Having found a site and secured funding for the brewery itself, the pair are now raising money for the taproom with a non-equity campaign on Crowdfunder. Everyone who donates will receive double their investment back in the form of a bar tab to spend at the brewery, and Exale hope to raise at least £40,000 before opening in December.

Without a trestle table or pallet in sight, they will use the money to open a comfortable space that will also help them reduce waste. The taproom walls will come alive with plants grown on an aquaponics system, fed with waste water from brewing and growing produce for local food banks, brewery snacks and botanicals for brewing and distilling. The spent grain will be tuned into biofuel, while waste beer will be made into soap and shampoo bars to help the business and locals cut down on plastic.

“There are so many great places to go out and drink amazing beer in Walthamstow now, so we want to make sure we add something new,” says Hislop. “As well as offering a really comfortable space, we wanted to make sure we were minimising our effect on the environment, and a sustainable taproom is a great way to do that.”

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