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26th March 2021

From Gabriele Bertucci: “Turning The Tide” explores transformations of London beer culture

On the 1st of April – in time to celebrate the end of our national hibernation – the What’s In The Glass? team will launch a show to share the beer and hospitality industries’ voices at a time that they need to be heard most.

The last few months have been incredibly difficult for pubs; probably some of the hardest they ever faced. We feel these stories need to be shared through contemporary media, and with expert voices to bring about a greater understanding of the struggles of people are working in the pub and the beer industry.

With Turning The Tide, we are trying to raise awareness for the struggles pubs have faced during the pandemic. We are creating a tighter community and appreciate what pub culture means to people’s day to day lives. Watching the show will offer an expert and unique insight into British public houses and explore how much the London pub culture is at risk.

We will release the five episodes on our YouTube page every Thursday throughout April.
Here is the calendar:
Thu 1st April – Episode 1:
Thu 8th April – Episode 2
Thu 15th April – Episode 3
Thu 22nd April – Episode 4
Thu 29th April – Episode 5

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