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30th April 2018

Get Your Beer Book Featured at Waterstones during City of Ale

Guild director Frances Brace is involved with Norwich City of Ale, which runs 24th May to 3rd June. She has organised with the local Waterstones to feature beer books during the Festival. If you would like her to suggest including your book, please contact her immediately – 07432 692309

What Waterstones are doing for City of Ale:-

  • Creating a beer book display in their window for the duration of the City of Ale
  • Devoting at least one table top within the store to beer books
  • Selling beer books at the Launch Party on Thursday 24th May
  • Hosting a Books and Beer Tasting event with Roger Protz, Adrian Tierney-Jones and Pete Brown on Friday 25th May 7pm.

Of course, Waterstones will make the final decision about books they’ll include in their promotion and marketing. While they’re keen to showcase books of beer writers attending City of Ale some point, Frances will do all she can to promote the interests of Guild members regardless of your availability to attend!

Further info about City of Ale will be circulated soon, but here are links to the:-

Please do book yourself on to these – and stay over as long as you can: there’s plenty to do!

Further information

Frances Brace <>