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13th February 2024

he best gift for the beer lover: ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’, a new book by Fraser Metcalf

MAIDSTONE, UNITED KINGDOM. 12th February, 2024 – Struggling to find the perfect gift for a beer lover? Look no further than Fraser Metcalf’s latest release, ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’.

From navigating the complexities of choosing the right beer in any corner of the globe to mastering the local language to order a beer, Metcalf’s book, published by Stanley Rose Publishing, is an essential guide for those who love beer and travel.
A comprehensive and entertaining exploration of beer culture worldwide, this funny and informative guide does just what it says on the tin. It is packed with practical tips and fascinating insights about beers from around the world and how to order in local languages. The book equips readers with essential skills, ensuring they can confidently navigate a universal challenge for travellers: how to order a beer without making a fool of yourself.
Ideal for both beer enthusiasts and travellers alike, it is the quintessential, value for money present for anyone seeking to explore the world of beer and travel.
Fraser Metcalf, an award-winning copywriter and the author of ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World,’ firmly believes that it’s people and places that make beers memorable, not just the taste.
“The beers you really remember,” he says, “are the ones you drink in special places and on special occasions. I’ll remember a beer in a beach bar watching the sun going down over the ocean long after I’ll remember what it tasted like.”
The idea for the book came after Metcalf shared a few beers with friends who had just been away travelling. “We realised that all those travel guides out there failed to mention the most important thing for us – what beer to order and how to ask for it.” That seed of an idea took shape over the next few years, and the result is ‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World.’
‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ is already proving a hit with readers – and for people looking for a great present for beer lovers and travellers alike.
‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ has been painstakingly researched to take you on an amusing and informative tour of 197 countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The book is packed full of exotic destinations from the Chocolate Hills of Bohol to the shifting sands of the Sahara and features 161 beers which have become national treasures.
Each country in the world gets its own page – even those where you can’t get a beer. The book has been beautifully designed and illustrated, with bespoke images of every beer gracing each country’s entry. It’s a handy size to pop in your suitcase or backpack when travelling but will look equally good on a coffee table. It’s even got a checklist at the back, so the keen beer drinker can keep track of all the beers from around the world that they have sampled.
Want to know why making a toast in Hungary is frowned on? Where the highest pub in Africa is? Which Roman Emperor opened the first pub in Rome? How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ has all the answers and much more.
‘How to Order a Beer in any Country in the World’ by Fraser Metcalf is available now online and on Amazon.


About Stanley Rose Publishing:

Stanley Rose Publishing is a division of Vic Creative Ltd, a creative concepts agency. This new imprint is dedicated to publishing stylish, amusing and creative non-fiction books across a broad range of genres, including travel, food and drink and photography.

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