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31st March 2022

Hook Norton Brewery – Another year stronger

Hook Norton Brewery is celebrating another year of beer and brewing with the first release of its 173 Anniversary Ales range – 173 Strong Ale.

The brewery first started brewing anniversary ales in their 167th year and have released a new range each year, with the beers brewed increasing a percentage in strength each time. Established in 1849 and now in their 173rd year operating in the business of brewing, they have released 173 Strong Ale 7.3%.

As the name suggests, this is a strong and robust dark red beer, fruity, full bodied with a hint of spice. It combines a robust trio of all English hops, delicate and smooth Goldings, spicy Challenger and floral Fuggles.

James Clarke, Managing Director commented “In 2016, we decided for a bit of fun really to brew 1 beer at 6.7% alcohol, on the newly commissioned pilot kit. Based on an uprated version of Old Hooky, little did we expect the range to be so well received, and have grown to four celebratory beers. Demonstrating the commitment to brewing excellent beers, we are delighted to release the first of the 173 beers.”

173 Strong Ale is available exclusively from the brewery shop in 500ml bottles and online at

To complete the range, the brewery will be releasing another three more over the next few months so look out for 173 Gold, 173 Coffee Stout, and 173 Lager.

Press release from Hook Norton Brewery Co