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10th August 2021


 Lion Brewery Co, is re-launching in London after a 72-year slumber. With a time-honoured passion for exceptional beers, and a new focus on clean living and sustainable practices, it is bringing two of its flagship brews to the UK: Pale Ale and Island Lager with more to come.  

The original Lion Brewery Co dates back to London in 1836 where it shipped generously hopped ales, originally crafted to endure long sea passages, to trading posts around the world. 

When the brewery was damaged by fire and closed in 1949, the iconic lion statues were preserved at the request of King George VI. They can still be found today – one is The Southbank Lion, opposite the Houses of Parliament, and the other, now painted gold, guards the entrance of Twickenham Stadium, home of English rugby.  

“Our ancestors in London would have been drinking Lion Brewery Co’s IPA throughout the Victorian era” explains co-founder, Harry Renshaw. “It was the brewery’s history, along with the unusual connection between our British birthplace and temporary home in Singapore – the Lion City and a key trading post – that compelled us to resurrect the brand.” 

Co-founders Harry Renshaw and Ben Hendry-Prior, Brits living in Singapore with a strong passion for high-quality beers, began brewing in their kitchens back in 2018. They were intent on creating a delicious, easy-drinking beer with the very finest ingredients, bridging the gap between quirky craft and commercial offerings. They soon brought in support from fellow beer lovers and friends, Will Julius, now GM in Singapore, and, more recently, Jack Wilson, GM of the UK and Europe and Ben’s brother-in-law. 

“After many trials and tests on our ever-patient friends and family, our final product received such an enthusiastic response that we decided to release it for the rest of the market to enjoy and we’ve never looked back,” says Renshaw.  

Unpasteurised, sustainable beer 

 Subscribing to the era of mindful living, Lion Brewery Co beers are unpasteurised to preserve the flavour, good yeasts, and enzymes, have a moderate alcohol content, and are made with all-natural ingredients, to ensure the freshest, tastiest, and highest quality beer. 

Lion Brewery Co is a fervent supporter of sustainable practices. In terms of the brewing process, the removal of the energy-intensive pasteurisation process is a big environmental gain.  

When it comes to packaging, Lion Brewing Co uses cans – which are recyclable, lighter to transport, and keep beer fresher for longer, has invested in plant-based, compostable labels and ensures all packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible.  

In Singapore, Lion Brewery Co is making rapid steps towards its goal of becoming carbon negative, with schemes such as its reforestation project that plant a tree for every keg sold. There are plans to extend this scheme to the UK soon.  

“We realise there is always more we can do, but we believe our ethos is correct. Every decision we make carefully considers the impact it will have on the environment. Our ultimate goal is not only to become carbon negative but to be a force for wider good across the industry and beyond. This will become ever more achievable as we scale up,” says Wilson. 

Lion Brewery Co Beers  

Today in the United Kingdom, Lion Brewery Co has released its flagship Pale Ale and Island Lager, both brewed in the UK, with more beers on the way.  

Pale Ale 

Tasting notes: The flagship Pale Ale. Golden, balanced and refreshing. Single hopped with Citra for notes of lychee and citrus fruits. A crisp, clean, and exceptionally sessionable beer.  

STYLE: Session Pale Ale 

IBU: 34 

ABV 4.5% 

GRAIN: 100% Malted Barley 

HOPS: Citra sourced from the United States 

HOP PROFILE: Tropical fruit and citrus, deeply aromatic due to the dry hopping late in the fermentation process. 

Available in 50L & 30L kegs and 330ml cans with an RRP of £48.50 for 24 cans  

Goes well with: A broad range of food, from burgers to curries, cuts of meat and even cheeses. 

Island Lager 

Tasting notes: Crisp, clean, and thirst-quenching. Dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc for an elderflower and pine aroma. A smooth, highly sinkable beer, made for every occasion.  

STYLE: Lager – Pilsner 

IBU: 25 

ABV: 4.7% 

GRAIN: 100% Malted Barley 

HOPS: Hallertau Blanc sourced from Germany. 

HOP PROFILE: Hints of white wine and fruit flavours; light aroma, blend of cassis, elderflower, grapefruit, and pine.  

Available in 50L & 30L kegs and 330ml cans with an RRP of £47.00 for 24 cans  

Goes well with: Traditional bar snacks, as well as pairing extremely well with lighter foods such as fish, chicken, salads, and pastas. 

Available to purchase through the website in 330ml cans and 30L and 50L kegs with free delivery on orders over £55. UK on trade stockists include The Hurlingham Club and The Mitre Hotel.   

In Singapore, where it launched in 2018, the team has released 12 beers – including three flagships and several single batch brews; launched a brewpub; and Lion Brewery Co beers are available in more than 150 bars, restaurants, hotels, and supermarket retailers across the country.  

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About Lion Brewery Co 

Lion Brewery Co is a British heritage craft brewery. Born on the banks of London’s River Thames in 1836, the original brewery developed a world-class formula for exquisite ales, shipped to trading posts around the globe. When the brewery was damaged by fire and closed in 1949, the iconic lion statues were preserved at the request of King George VI. They can still be found today outside the Houses of Parliament and at the entrance of the world-renowned Twickenham Rugby Stadium.  

Today, Lion Brewery Co has been reestablished in London and Singapore. With “Fierce Pride,” the company brews crisp and refreshing beers, using ingredients and processes that are better for the consumer and the environment.  

Press release from Sharp Relations on behalf of Lion Brewery Co 

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