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9th August 2021

Welsh pubs and brewers welcome lifting of most restrictions, enabling over 150 more pubs to reopen

But Welsh Beer & Pub Association warns investment and support is still needed for sector as it begins recovery

The Welsh Beer & Pub Association (WBPA), the leading trade association representing both brewers and pubs, has today welcomed confirmation that most restrictions on pubs in Wales, including social distancing and table service only, will be lifted on Saturday.

The trade association said the lifting of restrictions should enable over 150 more pubs in Wales to reopen that have remained shut to date because they cannot viably operate under current restrictions.

After nearly 17 months of forced closure or operating under heavy restrictions, the WBPA has warned that investment and support from both the Welsh and UK Government in pubs and breweries is now crucial as they begin their recovery.

To do this it is supporting and promoting the Long Live The Local campaign. The campaign is urging the UK Government to invest in the sector so it can drive the economic recovery by reforming VAT, beer duty and business rates, reducing the unfair tax burden pubs and breweries face.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the Welsh Beer & Pub Association, said: 

“After nearly 17 months of closure or operating under major restrictions, this is the good news our brewers and pubs in Wales have been waiting for.

“It means our beloved locals across Wales can now properly reopen and operate as they are meant to do so. A pint on Saturday is going to taste all the sweeter!

“We estimate that some 150 more pubs will be able to reopen from 7th August. These are pubs that were too small to reopen and operate under the restrictions.

“For pubs in Wales, and across the UK, the recovery of our sector is only beginning.

“Having been one of the worst hit sectors by COVID, our pubs and brewers now need the Government to invest in them by reforming VAT, beer duty and business rates to reduce the unfair tax burden they face and aid their recovery. We urge people who want to help their local and see it thrive to support the Long Live the Local campaign and sign the petition at”.

Press release from Welsh Beer & Pub Association