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30th April 2021

Jane Peyton’s latest book The Philosophy of Beer is published

Jane Peyton’s latest book ‘The Philosophy of Beer ’ has been published. It is a concise history of beer commissioned by the British Library as one of a series of ‘The Philosophy of …..’ titles.  The book examines the significance of beer to humans throughout recorded history.

‘Jane covertly delivers enough information to turn you into an expert whilst you’re just busy enjoying the stories. Reading this book is like a tour of the archives with an expert and a trip to the pub with a friend all rolled into one!’ Emma Inch, BGBW member.

‘Hats off to Jane for writing this brilliantly researched book that turns the spotlight on our national drink……  This is a lively, well-written and witty overview of the subject.’  Roger Protz, BGBW member.

Signed copies can be purchased through Jane’s webshop for £10 + P & P