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30th November 2020

LAUNCH: Britain’s First Mead-In-A-Can from Gosnells – delivering Xmas for £5



Britain’s first ever single-serve mulled mead-in-a-can has been launched by Gosnells of Peckham, London’s only meaderer.

Says founder, Tom Gosnell: “This is a single serve gluten-free offering, for all those at home who want to treat themselves, or a far-away friend, to something special. For just five English pounds, we’ll package and deliver a can alongside a gift message, and one of our famous bee-loving seedbombs to your friends most in need of mead. We have taken all of the fiddly bits from making a mulled mead at home, with no cheesecloth strainers and no steaming kitchen full of sticky spices. Our Chief Meaderer Will has made a special mulled blend and at the same 4% abv as our other four cans.”

Gosnells Spiced Winter Mead is the team’s latest innovation, made from European honeys blended with an exotic gallimaufry of orange peel, juniper, star anise, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. This is an atmospheric winter warmer.

Whereas some mulled meads are made with the addition of brandy, all of the alcohol in Gosnells Mulled Mead comes from the fermentation of the blossom honey.

“Heating alcoholic drinks infused with spices was probably an ancient Greek thing”, says Gosnell, “as honey provided one of the few sweeteners of that time; but it is thought that the Romans’ keenness to spend nights on Hadrian’s Wall, or to conquer areas of northern Europe, will have seen them mulling their wine, with honey or spiced mead the likeliest ingredient. Spices have been considered for centuries as medicinal, helping to keep those all-conquering armies away from their A&E.

“In Scandinavia, hot spiced mead is de rigueur at Christmas-time, and often at May Day celebrations as well. It will be interesting to see if ‘Lockdown’ has opened our minds not just to fermented and preserved foods – or trying new dishes – but also to one of the world’s most mood-evoking aromas, that of gently mulled mead. “

To serve, just tip Gosnells Mulled Mead into a china mug, then microwave it on high for 20 seconds, making sure that the liquid does not boil, as that blows the alcohol clean away. Repeat for 10 seconds if necessary, but don’t heat it in the can!

The 4% 33cl brew will be available online from at £5 per can, including Mainland UK delivery.


Press release from R&R Teamwork on behalf of Gosnells Mead

For more information contact Rupert Ponsonby or Natasha Najm on 0207 384 1333 or

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