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2nd March 2018

Left Handed Giant raising funds to build iconic Bristol Brewpub

At midday today (2 March) Left Handed Giant’s Crowdfunding campaign went  live to the public via Crowdcube, with the company looking to raise up to £1m. With the campaign having been made available to private investors at 5pm yesterday the company has already reached over £400,000 in funding.

We’ll use the money raised for a number of different projects; with the bulk of it being put towards developing a brewpub in Finzel’s Reach in Bristol; an area steeped in brewing tradition. We are looking to create a world-class facility where our community of friends and investors can have a real input into the day-to-day of our business and importantly, drink our beer as fresh as possible; directly from our serving tanks.” Jack Granger, Operations Director Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant will partner with Bristol Michelin starred chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias for the brewpub project, with Peter operating a restaurant on the first floor as well as preparing a separate menu for the customers in the brewpub.

We’re massively excited to work with Peter to bring a fusion of world-class beer and food. We’re looking forward to building a facility that further cements Bristol as a destination city for quality-led, independent venues in the UK.” Bruce Gray, Managing Director Left Handed Giant

Peter Sanchez-Iglesias adds: “Forming this partnership with such a well-respected force as Left Handed Giant and creating food to go with their beer is an awesome project to be involved with. The development kitchen will evolve and enhance everything we do at Casamia, with our hyper seasonal dishes on an ever-changing menu, using the best ingredients, cooking it to perfection and then finding out what it needs to make it better. 

“Personally, I know Left Handed Giant, who are one of the breweries leading the way in the craft beer scene in Bristol and beyond, are on the same wave length as me and want to create something special for Bristol and something world-renowned that hasn’t been done at this level before.”


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact The Left Handed Giant team via email at