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11th March 2021

Live Streamed No & Low Tasting with Matt Curtis

Guild corporate member Euroboozer have challenged Matt Curtis to reconsider his preconceptions about No & Low alcohol beer.

Matt wrote a blog on his current thoughts and will be put through his paces on a LIVE STREAM on YouTube and Euroboozer’s facebook page at 7pm on Thursday 11th March. We’re challenging him to taste 15 different beers and share his initial thoughts and snap decisions on each beer. The tasting will last around 1 hour and Matt is being hosted by Euroboozer founder Martyn Railton and Beer Buyer (& Guild Member) Mitch Adams.

We’d love to see lots of Guild members there and welcome any questions. Come along and see if we change Matt’s mind!


Matt’s blog:

Youtube link:

Euroboozer Facebook:

Press release from Euroboozer

For more information, contact Mitch Adams []