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24th July 2019

Long Live the Local seeks your support

Last weekend, the Long Live the Local campaign reached the milestone of 100,000 petition signatures, and 40,000 people will have written to their local MP. The campaign is in a great place, but is still targeting 100,000 more people to sign, and 25,000 pubs to activate before the Autumn Budget. With a new PM & a new Chancellor expected to be announced today, the more pressure we can collectively assert, the better the chances are that they will listen.

You may have read in the press that Boris Johnson & his team have announced the strong possibility of bringing forward the Budget ahead of 31 October (Brexit) potentially in September. If that scenario arises the Budget could be as early as either Wednesday 4th or the week commencing 9th September, as there is only a small window between the end of Summer recess (3 Sept) and the recess for Party Conferences (12 Sept).

This gives you only 8 weeks to act!

The campaign urgently needs you to ramp up your support and ensure you amplify the campaign to your staff, customers & consumers. There are three main ways you can help:

1. Amplify the Campaign: Use the campaign’s social & digital assets on your company & brand social channels and websites to raise awareness for the campaign, & drive people to sign on the website. Please use this link to find three new campaign films & a range of new social posts

2. Galvanise Staff: Drive awareness & importance of the campaign amongst your staff and encourage them to sign the petition and email their local MP. It takes less than one minute. This year the campaign have introduced personalised URL addresses for your company which will hopefully help staff feel more connected to the campaign and allow you to see what level of engagement you are generating. These are ready to use immediately.

3. In Pub: Commit to placing the campaign kits in all or part of your pub estate or help the campaign deliver kits to your independent free trade customers.

The campaign will send out further campaign updates and new social & digital assets on two further dates. These will be at the end July/early August to showcase the new documentary film & other campaign films, and the end of August/early September ahead of the Budget with a range of more economically focused social & digital assets

Please can you forward this email, links & attachments to anyone else in your teams that can help make these three things happen.