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18th March 2018


A revolutionary new Marmalade IPA (India Pale Ale) refreshed the judges at this year’s ‘World’s Original Marmalade Awards’ at Dalemain House in Cumbria.

Based on marmalade created by the Founder of the Marmalade Awards, Jane Hasell-McCosh, the beer has been brewed by the 600-pint-per-brew DE14 nano-brewery in Burton upon Trent, used by Marston’s Brewery as an experimental playground for weird and wonderful beers, as well as a development platform for their home brewer’s club.

Brewers Jenny Hagyard, Aneta Izdebska and Pat McGinty have based the beer on barley grown for them by the Holkham estate in Norfolk, which led the revolution in farming methods in the 18th Century, and which continues to innovate today.

Head Brewer Pat McGinty comments: “The pale malts – which naturally taste of brioche or lightly cooked toast – have been combined with 5% malted wheat, in a nod to the breadmaking process. The two hops used are both known for their natural orange flavours, the light citrus flavours of Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany and the deeper dried orange peel flavours of Admiral hops from the UK.

“The resulting 6.3% abv beer saw half of the hops added in the boil, and half at the end of the fermentation process. The sugars in the marmalade added to an unusually vigorous fermentation, with a towering foaming head. And we fast-boiled the last jar of Jane’s marmalade to give the beer a backbone orange-bitterness, which would normally have been achieved by hops. We’ve done the maths and each pint contains almost half a teaspoon of marmalade! I really like it.”

Jane Hasell – McCosh comments: “There is so much innovation going on in food and drink in Britain that it seemed a natural collaboration to combine marmalade with beer. And as the flavours of barley malts are very much like toast, it seemed natural and fun in equal measure.  Barack Obama enjoyed a breakfast beer at the G7 summit in 2015, and monks in the 16th century regarded it as liquid bread! Beer for breakfast is not uncommon in the rest of northern Europe, where it is just as cold as it is here!

The Dalemain Marmalade IPA will be available in 5 – 10 pubs within easy reach of the DE14 brewery.



• The World’s Original Marmalade Awards results will be announced at the Marmalade Festival at Dalemain Mansion in Cumbria on 17th March.
• They were started in 2005. This year almost 3,000 marmalades have been submitted from over 30 countries over 35 classes. Judges this year included Telegraph food writer Xanthe Clay, Fortnum & Mason head buyer Brigette Hardy and Thursday Cottage founder Pam ‘the jam’ Corbin.
• In 2006, there were 300 breweries in the UK. There are now over 2000, with a wider geographic spread than for over 50 years.
• Burton is the historic Capital of Brewing in the UK, based on the special qualities of the Burton water. By 1888, the 31 brewing companies produced over three million barrels per annum and employed over 8,000 workers.

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