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21st April 2020

McColl’s Brewery Launches Beetroot Biere de Garde

Next week sees the annual release of our Beetroot Biere de Garde. Originally brewed with our friends at Tooth & Claw, this beer is now an absolute highlight in our brewing schedule. Built on a base of Pale Ale, Munich and Vienna malts, with big additions of Fuggles and Saaz hops and 80kg of beetroot, this beer is a true celebration of those styles and ingredients that often fall out of favour or fashion.

“Earthy and crisp, sweet and dry, refreshing and boozy. Brewed with continental malts, noble hops, lots of beetroot, Belgian Abbey yeast and then matured for five weeks”


Based in County Durham, Daniel and Gemma McColl launched McColl’s Brewery in spring 2017. Inspired by traditional British, Belgian and new wave beer styles we look to create new takes on old classics that everyone can enjoy.

Danny – 07712 658112 / 01388 417250
Unit 4 Randolph Industrial Estate, Evenwood,
Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, DL14 9SJ