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22nd August 2023

Moonwake Beer Co. release its first sour beer, Gose

This Friday, Moonwake’s first sour beer will be available nationwide

Moonwake Beer Co. is releasing its first sour beer, Gose, this Friday. It’s light, lemony and perfectly drinkable as you enjoy the late-Summer sun.

Gose originated in Germany and is made with wheat, coriander and salt, which give it a unique lemon and lime aroma. Moonwake’s is light, sessionable and thirst-quenching with a delicate salty twang. They used a combination of hops: Saaz and Wakatu – one classically German, the other adding our head brewer’s signature dash of New Zealand flair.

Vinny Rosario, head brewer, said: “Brewed with Belgian sea salt and seasoned with Egyptian organic coriander this beer has turned out beautifully salty, sour with light floral citrus notes.

“What was interesting in brewing the Gose was getting the chance to play around with different salt levels. The salt and the acid created from the wild yeast give it a nice dry but slightly sweet finish and the coriander along with the Wakatu hops give it zesty, lemon-lime flavours.

“We’ve been wanting to brew a sour for a while now, especially this style of sour beer. I feel it’s a good challenge as a brewery and as a brew team to expand our horizons. At Moonwake we believe there is a beer out there for everyone and we’re excited to reach a new selection of people by brewing a style of beer that is new for us to make.”

This is the third continental-style special Moonwake has brewed, their Kölsch and their award-winning Weissbier which both feature the Kiwi hop Wai Iti.

Notes to the editor: 

Available from Friday 25th August | Gose 4.2% | RRP £3.40
Trade can pre-order now to be promoted in our UK-wide launch.

Embeddable video content coming soon – please get in touch to request.

Moonwake: “the moon’s reflection on a body of water” speaks to the brewery’s Leith Shore location, the importance of water as an ingredient, and our beers’ reflection of our combined experience.

Established in 2021 by a team with extensive craft beer and brewing careers. We brew with mindful intention on modern kit using quality ingredients.

Our head brewer believes there is a beer out there for everyone and we create balanced beers for a wide range of people to enjoy.

Find out more about our journey on our blog. Find out about our team here.

Contact: Sarah Sinclair, Marketing & Events Manager
Phone: (+44) 07446989485

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