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15th February 2018

MRM targeting business growth as Carlsberg UK rolls out App

A high-profile deal with Carlsberg UK marks the latest success for on-trade tech company MRM, as the increasingly competitive market drives demand for its innovative marketing support software.

The start of 2018 saw Carlsberg UK roll out MRM’s POS Creator Software to its sales team. Using MRM’s Brand Creator App, sales managers can use their iPads to create drinks menus and point of sale items in real time, during on-site meetings with operators.

By sharing an interactive 3D visual, they can get instant customer approval during the sales visit. All items are printed and delivered to the venue within two working days in order to maximise the sales opportunity for operators.

Tracy McIntosh, head of customer marketing at Carlsberg UK, said, “We give our on-trade customers as much support as possible to maximise the competitive edge our market-leading brands give them, and we needed an updated solution for providing pubs and bars with POS items.

“Having worked successfully with MRM for six years now, we know they bring both industry knowledge and IT expertise to the table, and so they were our first point of call. The POS tool they have delivered to support our sales teams has surpassed our expectations in terms of both functionality and ease of use, and the immediate buy-in from our team is very encouraging.”

With on-trade outlets needing to be more effective than ever at showcasing their product offering to consumers, MRM is working with an increasing number of drinks brands and wholesalers.

Craig Letton, CEO of MRM, said, “The on-trade market is dynamic and fast moving, and our technology enables drinks brands and wholesalers to keep pace, and provide their customers with the menus and POS they need to increase sales and profits.

“Competition for customers is fierce, and operators simply don’t have the time to wait for sales people to brief their design team, send emails back and forth and wait for proofs. Using our technology, sales people and customers work together to create customised marketing material during their sales visit.

“As Carlsberg UK has found, by using our interactive 3D model, operators can see exactly how it’s going to appear in their outlet, and provide immediate approval. Combining this with our super-fast print turnaround means we can ensure operators have their menus and POS within two days of the order being placed.

“We’re delighted to see an increasing number of brand owners and distributors choosing to use our software, both in the UK and internationally. We’ve proven with our clients in the UK that our technology makes sales people more efficient, increases sales and improves customer service.

“This success has led to several international contract wins, and we are currently in the process of rolling out our software across Europe with a number of major drinks brands. It’s a very exciting time for the business.”

MRM provides drinks brands and distributors with on-trade specific technology solutions. MRM’s Brand Creator platform enables sales teams to more effectively support their customers with locally tailored, brand-compliant marketing materials which are proven to increase sales and create upselling opportunities through increased visibility in outlet. For more information please visit or call 01259 728 020.



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