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10th September 2020

NEW BEER: Love Bomb

We’ve got a cracking new beer!

Not content with the release of our new core range lager – The Reflex – we’re bringing you a new special release right off the back of that.

Love Bomb is a delightfully hazy later summer IPA that’s bursting with citrus fruit and tart tropical notes. Orange, tangerine, lemon, gooseberry and passion fruit all come through in this extremely quaffable India Pale Ale that is an absolute joy to drink.

Please find, linked here, the information sheet on Love Bomb and all artwork you might need.

Other New Beer

Love Bomb’s not the only beer you may not have tried yet. We’ve got the delightful Tropical IPA – Born Smiling – and, of course, the delicious lager that we released last week.

Born Smiling (Tropical IPA)

Born Smiling (6.5%) – our late summer Tropical IPA – is just about the juiciest beer you’ll ever try. Passionfruit, peach, tangerine and a wheelbarrow full of mango… it comes across like a boozy beer cocktail and is utter joy to those who are lucky enough to drink it. Born Smiling presenter and artwork.

The Reflex (Modern Lager)

The Reflex (4.6%) was released to a lot of fantastic feedback, last week, and is the newest addition to our #FridgeFiller core range.

It’s a classic German-style lager, for sure, but with a lovely background of Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc hops that bring it into a modern category. Here’s the information sheet and artwork (including some great photos and this very fun video).

For more information, contact