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19th October 2022

New book from Hoxton Mini Press: The London Pub

“The great thing about London pubs is they are impossible to generalise. Scattered throughout the city are many that still resemble the pubs in these pages, held in time as if by some magic spell.” – from the introduction by Pete Brown

Raise a glass to The London Pub: a nostalgic, visual celebration of old London boozers and those who brought them to life.

This new book is a collection of glorious photographs from the last century. It is a heady, frothy tour of London’s best pubs and the people who propped up the bars and filled the rooms with smoke and laughter. Without its pubs, London just wouldn’t be London. They are the backbone and heart (not to mention the liver) of this great city. Celebrating the bartenders, musicians, gamblers and chancers that congregate to get one more round in, these uplifting images show  tipsy Londoners at their best – reveling in community, friendship and the art of letting loose.

Part of the Vintage Britain series: collectable books celebrating the recent history of these isles through beautiful photography.


For further information about this book or to see a review copy,
Please contact: Fiona Smith on 07831 193250 /

Press release from Hoston Mini Press.

For further information about this book or to see a review copy, please contact Fiona Smith on 07831 193250 /