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28th March 2024

Reminder: New Contract Events and Marketing Role for the Guild – Applications Closing Soon

As I have settled into my role as Guild Chair, it has become clear that the administrative burden placed on our volunteer board is hindering our ability to progress as we would like. With the cost of living crisis and opportunities for paid writing not easy to come by, I’m aware that membership of the Guild is not cheap. I’m therefore extremely keen to offer as much value as possible, and I have ambitious plans for training, events, content and socials.

Although we have Mike as our Secretary, he already has lots of administrative responsibility and it is unfair to expect him to take on more. So, using some of the surplus in the Guild’s bank account, the Board has agreed to the trial of a new paid contract role to help ease the burden and empower us all to deliver for our members.

The Events and Marketing Officer will focus on organising the Guild’s events and take on responsibility for the Guild’s social media content. The Board agrees that having a dedicated person take responsibility for these will help deliver value to members and boost the awareness and reputation of the Guild to the public.

This role would be ideal for someone who can fit this work around their other activities. It is anticipated the time needed to fulfil the role will average out at approximately 1 day per week*. The initial trial period is for 6 months and we are offering £3900 (+VAT if charged), paid in monthly increments.

A full job description can be found here.

If you are interested in the role, please submit a cover letter and CV to Mike via, where you can also send any questions that you may have.

Applications close on Sunday 31st March 2024.

Guild Chair

*Correction: Apologies, the original listing advised this would be 2 days per month, when it should have read as 1 day per week.