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12th August 2020

New Course offering from Siebel Institute of Technology

Framed within the World Brewing Academy, Siebel Institute of technology has created a brand-new course offering for those seeking, premium brewing education. WBA Fundamentals of Brewing Technology is a web-based course that covers the essential topics of beer production.  The concept for the course was born from an increasing demand for shorter, intermediate-level offerings available to students with limited time and finances.

The WBA Fundamentals of Brewing Technology is composed of 20 lectures.  The open session format allows students to enroll whenever it is convenient, and then gain immediate access to a totally revamped learning platform. During the following 5-weeks, a monitor will be available to answer questions while the students learn the principles of beer production processes. Within a very short timeframe, students will gain a level of brewing knowledge that will benefit them immediately. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Brewing Process Overview
  • Basic Brewing Chemistry
  • Brewing Water Basics
  • Brewing Water Adjustments
  • Introduction to Hops
  • Barley and Malting
  • Specialty Malts
  • Milling
  • Mashing
  • Wort Separation
  • Wort Boiling
  • Wort Clarification, Cooling and Aeration
  • Recipe Formulation
  • Nature of Yeast
  • Yeast Growth and Propagation
  • Yeast Management
  • Fermentation, Maturation and High Gravity Brewing
  • Fermentation Flavors
  • Filtration and Centrifugation
  • Brewery Contaminants
If, after completing WBA Fundamentals of Brewing Technology, a student would like to take the next step in furthering their professional brewing education, the tuition amount already paid will be offered as a discount towards WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology, online or campus.

About Siebel: Throughout the last 140 years, the Siebel Institute of Technology has attracted an extensive global following. Our alumni span more than 60 countries and are found in almost every major brewery on earth. Our classes include a mix of participants from breweries of all sizes who hail from locations all over the world, in the heart of Chicago.

Siebel Institute of Technology is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. For further information please visit the official IBHE website at

For detailed course information about the WBA Fundamentals of Brewing Technology course, please click here.

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