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3rd March 2020


The Orkney Brewery is set to add a new permanent addition to its award-winning range of cask beers this month with the launch of Island Life, a 3.7% golden session IPA.

Described by the brewery team as a “pale golden ale, with citrus fruit aromas”, Island Life will be released shortly into the on-trade market for pubs and wholesalers throughout the UK.

The launch also heralds a fresh look for the Orkney Brewery’s products, with a more contemporary spin on labelling that will be rolled out across of all the company’s beers.

Norman Sinclair, managing director of the Orkney Brewery, said Island Life would be a perfect fit for the firm’s range, which is brewed at Quoyloo, in Orkney’s West Mainland.

“We’ve wanted to create this style for a while, but our focus has been on meeting a growing market demand for our other permanent beers,” he said. “However, we felt the time was right to introduce Island Life to the Orkney Brewery family and it also ensures that we now offer one of the most complete cask beer ranges available.

“We’re also delighted with our new labelling, which will give the brand a sharper and more modern feel, while retaining the authenticity we’re known for.”

He added: “In creating and naming Island Life, we wanted to reflect how great a place Orkney is to live, something that’s regularly highlighted in national surveys. This is a very special beer, just like the islands, and we also hope it’ll perform a great ambassadorial role, helping reinforce Orkney’s worldwide reputation for outstanding food and drink.”

Craig Steven, the brewery’s commercial manager, said Island Life had been brewed with Citra, Cascade and El Dorado hops from the US.

“These offer superb strength of flavour, all wrapped up in a light body of pale malt with a relatively low strength,” he explained. “There are mouth-watering flavours of grapefruit and peach, which lead to a crisp, bitter, zesty finish, to be enjoyed time and time again. So, like the easy-going enjoyment of your personal island retreat, when you get the chance to sample this beer, take your time, relax and indulge!”



For further information, contact:

Norman Sinclair, managing director,

Sinclair Breweries Ltd.

Tel: 01667 404 555