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3rd March 2020

Because We Can: Craft Brewery Anspach & Hobday announce the launch of their brand new can range following £500,000 crowdfunding investment

Independent London-based craft brewery Anspach & Hobday have announced the launch of their brand-new can range following a £500,000 crowdfunding investment in January 2019.

The first cans of Anspach & Hobday beer will become available to the public on Saturday 21st March and pre-orders are currently being taken on the web shop here.

The Croydon Taproom will be the official venue of the launch on Saturday 21st, where people can see where the beer is brewed and canned. The Facebook event is available here, with taproom opening hours 12pm-6pm.

The cans will also be available at The Bermondsey Taproom and The Pigeon, our bar in Camberwell, on the same day. We are distributing 400 leaflets in these areas where people can claim a free takeaway can.

We’ll be doing tap takeovers at Craft Beer Cabin in Norwood on Friday 28th March and Beer & Burger in King’s Cross on Saturday 29th March to further celebrate the launch, where cans will be available too.

The cans being launched include three of our seven core range beers and a different monthly special each month. The first core range beers to be canned will be The Pale Ale, The Sour Dry Hop and The Ordinary Bitter, which is a new introduction into our core range that we’re incredibly excited about. The monthly special will be The Sea Salt & Chilli Stout, with all four beers coming in 440ml cans as standard.

The cans are available as a four-pack, with a mixed option or a singular style available on the web store. In time all of our core range and specials will be in cans, with each month a different mixed pack available.

Anspach & Hobday will still be bottling for certain customers and for certain beers, most notably our range of bottle-conditioned 750ml specials. Pre-orders are currently being taken with independent retailers and we’ll be announcing them in due course.

Chairman and Co-Founder Jack Hobday says: ‘We’re extremely excited to launch the first range of Anspach & Hobday cans. It means we’ll be able to get our beer straight to our customers in the freshest way possible. They’re more ecological and more economical and of course they showcase our fantastic illustrations! Beautiful beer in beautiful cans. We’ve been working on our cans since our crowdfunding in January of early last year, so it’s rewarding to deliver and give our fans what they want and deserve.’

Head of Production and Co-Founder Paul Anspach says: ‘We’ve been wanting to can for a while, not only because of how they look and feel, but because at the end of the day it’s better for the beer. Less Oxygen and no light means a better shelflife and our beers tasting at their very best!’


The Ordinary Bitter (3.7%) – The original session beer, Ordinary Bitters formed a cornerstone of English drinking culture. We love it in cask but now bring it right up-to-date in keg and can.   Perfectly balanced between malt sweetness and hop bitterness, our interpretation is brought up to date with the use of US Chinook hops. Delicate hop aromas of pine, spice and dark fruits are followed by a smooth, full bodied palate with notes of biscuit and caramel. Brewed with EKG and Chinook.

The Pale Ale (4.4%) – Pale Ales are the mainstay of today’s craft brewing scene, but they date back to the 1700s, when innovation led to the production of new and paler malts. Our interpretation brings the style bang up to date, pairing a crisp malt base with fresh American hops. Light, bright & fruity, The Pale Ale is our ultimate drinking beer. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe.

The Sour Dry Hop (4.9%) – The Sour Dry Hop is the perfect balance of Old and New World brewing. Inspired by the traditional Berliner Weisse, a sour beer once brewed in Berlin and known as the ‘Champagne of the North’. Ours is soured by Lactobacillus and dry-hopped with Citra. An unusual style that delivers a tart, citrusy fruitiness.

The Sea Salt & Chilli Stout (7.4%) – Our first canned special: A big, smooth, balanced stout brewed with sea salt, chillies and cacao nibs. Full bodied with a touch of salt. Scotch Bonnet chillies give at first a fresh fruitiness and then lead to a gentle warming. The whole beer is balanced by a small addition of cacao nibs, used to add a smoothness to the body, rather than to impart a chocolate character. A perfect match for oysters, but equally as delicious on its own. Brewed with Bramling Cross and Summit.


Anspach & Hobday in particular are known for their diverse range of beers, inspired by traditional styles remade for the 21st century beer drinker, brewing everything from historic ales and porters to experimental sours and IPAs. All of our beers are vegan friendly and made using renewable energy.

Founded in 2013 by childhood friends Paul Anspach & Jack Hobday, A&H are undergoing rapid growth following a successful round of crowdfunding in early 2019. Anspach & Hobday are best known for their flagship beer, The Porter. The brewery epitomises London craft beer brewing traditional styles made for the modern drinker.

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