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28th April 2022

New seasonal special Lemon Gose 0.5% from Nirvana Brewery to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine

With the summer sun just around the corner we thought a bright and sunny beer was in order for our latest seasonal brew. However we know life has been far from sunny for those affected by the war in Ukraine. 

Like many others we want to do what we can to support those affected by the conflict, so 10% of all proceeds from our Limited Edition Lemon Gose 0.05% beer will go straight to supporting humanitarian aid.

The beer bottle design bears the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.  Graphic lemons and salt flake drops give a nod to two of the beer’s distinctive ingredients.

Taste Profile

Our new Limited Edition Lemon Gose 0.5% is an easy drinking tart wheat beer modeled after the traditional sour beers of Northern Germany.  A refreshing and rejuvenating Gose, this beer is steeped with toasted Coriander seeds, dried lemon peels and a handful of dried persian limes for a subtle complexity.  Maldon Sea Salt flakes have also been added to balance the tart lemon and lime flavours.

Other Details

INGREDIENTS: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast, Sea Salt, lemon peel, coriander seeds, whole dried limes

Store ambient


Charity donations will go to:

British Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal

Brewed By

Nirvana Brewery, Unit T6, Leyton Industrial Village, Argall Ave, London E10 7QP, UK

About Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana Brewery is the UK’s first and only dedicated alcohol-free brewery.

At Nirvana, we’re changing the game in no alcohol beer by bringing better choices to a wider audience. 

Here you can find heady aromas, classic beer styles and intriguing flavour combinations. From the grain choice to the yeast, the hops to the brew, Nirvana Brewery revel’s in the process of creating beers to be truly proud of.

The Nirvana Story

An independent, family-run brewery based in Leyton, East London, founders Becky and Andrew have been leading the Low & No revolution since 2016.

It all started when Becky’s dad went teetotal. At the time, there were very few alcohol-free beers on the market, and Becky felt that people who choose not to drink shouldn’t be excluded socially. Becky just wanted to see her dad’s face light up again with a decent bottle of alcohol-free beer. Nirvana Brewery is now doing it for thousands of low & no fans around the world.

Nirvana are constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible and what tastes good by reinventing the classics and turning out more adventurous styles for the discerning alcohol-free drinker. Brewing is a timeless art – and alcohol-free brewing is just the same. It’s all about the hops, the malt, the yeast and the process. Simple, great ingredients and brewing genius.

That’s what craft beer has always been about.

Join the journey to Nirvana.

Supporting your lifestyle choices

All Nirvana’s alcohol-free beers are vegan and provide a low-calorie, healthy lifestyle alternative.

Press release from Nirvana Brewery

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