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9th February 2021

Next EBCU workshop – Thursday 18th March at 19.30 CET / 18.30 GMT

The next European Beer Consumers Union workshop will be looking at online beer tasting and judging.

Presented by Markus Raupach, President of the German Beer Consumers Union and founder of the German Beer Academy it will run on Thursday 18th March at 19.30 CET, 18.30 GMT

The beer industry has gone through considerable growth and change over the past 20 years, particularly in the areas of digital marketing and the use of digital events such as online beer tasting and judging. The 2020 pandemic has intensified this trend.

There are many challenges in adapting existing and implementing new event concepts such as beer festivals, competitions and tastings into a digital format.

In this workshop, Markus will give an overview of his experiences as an online tasting and judging provider and offer essential insights from his experience in developing the Deutsche BierAkademie and as German chair of the World Beer Awards judging team.

More details and tickets are available from

Press release from Brett Laniosh on behalf of ECBU

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