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12th April 2012


Summer always creates demand for long, refreshing drinks and this year pubs are giving customers the chance to Go Nuts or Go Fruity by flavouring ales and lagers with delicious syrups from Monin.

Witbier and biere blanche, wheat beers with flavourings, are enjoyed in Belgium and the Netherlands as a delicious summer drink. Monin syrups make it quick, cheap and easy for British bars to go Continental and experiment with creating flavoured beers.

Licensee Ben Edwards, from the Red Lion, in Hernhill, Kent, is creating a stir at the bar by challenging his customers to Go Nuts or Go Fruity when they order a pint.

Ben said: “Each summer, a long drink with a difference comes to the fore. This year, we’re going Continental, using Monin Chestnut and Peach syrups to add a shot of extra flavour to ales and lagers. It’s proving popular with younger drinkers, male and female, and a particular favourite is Guinness flavoured with Chestnut.”

Monin UK brand ambassador James Coston said: “Flavoured beers can boost gross profit at a time when pubs are struggling to make money on wet sales. Each 10ml shot of Monin syrup costs 8.5p, with two shots recommended per pint. We would suggest adding a premium of 30p to 50p for flavoured beers, yielding a generous profit margin.”

Chestnuts originate from the ancient Lydian city of Sardis in modern Turkey. The “Sardian Nut” became a favourite across Europe, baked, steamed, boiled or roasted, eaten on its own or as an ingredient in cakes, desserts and sweets. Monin Chestnut syrup is a warm burnt amber colour, smells of slight notes of brandy and delivers a subtle balance between roast chestnut and vanilla notes.

Peaches are native to China and according to legend were the food of immortals because of their long-lasting flavour. Monin Peach syrup has a brilliant, light gold orange colour and a long-lasting white peach smell and taste.

James said: “These classic flavours provide the perfect counterpoint to the bitterness of beer. Peach married to crisp, strong lager is a great combination and Chestnut is the perfect partner for the more complex flavours of traditional ale.”


Using Monin syrups and beer to create exciting and original long summer drinks is a simple and cost-effective way to offer customers a fresh experience and to deliver an essential point of difference on warm, busy days.



Go Fruity Peach Beer

Ingredients: 20ml Monin Peach syrup, one pint lager

Method: Mix in a lager glass. Stir and serve.


Go Nuts Chestnut Ale

Ingredients: 20ml Monin Chestnut syrup, one pint ale or stout

Method: Mix in a beer glass. Stir and serve.


For more information on Monin syrups, contact Darril Ling at Bennett Opie on 01795 476154 or email  Monin syrups are available from a number of online suppliers, including and as well as at leading wholesalers.




Picture shows licensee Ben Edwards promoting flavoured beers



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Notes to editors: Monin has been making authentic, natural syrups at their Bourges headquarters since 1912, and has racked up several international quality awards. Distributed in the UK by Bennett Opie, Monin syrups are used throughout the catering industry in coffee houses, hotels, restaurants, bakeries and bars to create cocktails, speciality coffees, hot chocolates and milkshakes. The company is recognised by many as the market leader in flavourings and has a portfolio of over 100 flavours available in more than 100 countries worldwide.


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