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3rd November 2020


In a world of lazy acronyms, one three lettered term is beginning to seep its way into the British public’s consciousness. CBD (or Cannabidiol to those in the know) has slowly gained a reputation amongst health-conscious consumers as a product which offers multiple, well documented benefits.

Over the past decade, CBD use in the U.S has grown to a level whereby 14% of Americans now identify as a regular consumer of the ingredient. Although not yet a truly mainstream product in the U.K, analysis by deals firm Wowcher suggests purchases of CBD products almost doubled in 2019.

CBD’s current success has led some to compare it to bitcoin’s stellar ascent in 2016, and some are even going so far as to call it the new avocado toast. This is reflected in the product’s wider popularity: 2019’s Oscars goodie bag featured CBD-derived products, and even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are getting in on the action.

It appears that whilst an ever-increasing number of savvy consumers are benefitting from CBD’s numerous qualities, some unhelpful myths about this unique supplement remain unchallenged.  Firstly, the age-old question. Isn’t CBD just Marijuana? Well, no… It is not. According to Sue Taylor of the Award winning, Devon-based Hanlons Brewery, who have been experimenting with CBD as a key part of their ever-expanding product range, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the subject.

‘Put simply, CBD is derived from Hemp which contains a high amount of CBD and a very low amount of a compound called THC. As people may well have heard, THC is the active ingredient in Marijuana which provides a ‘high’ to users, but is only found as a tiny, ‘trace’ amount in Hemp.’

Last year, Constellation Brands, the owner of Corona beer, invested $4 billion US into the cannabis company Canopy Growth. There’s also the suggestion that Coca-Cola is in talks with Canadian company Aurora Cannabis to create a CBD beverage, and others are speculating that Starbucks could get in on the action too. Given this level of mainstream growth, Sue advises consumers to take particular care whilst choosing their CBD products.

‘Given that most people simply do not want to consume any THC’s whatsoever, our company exclusively uses a product called Broad Spectrum CBD which contains no THC’s at all. That’s 0.00%! We have painstakingly sourced this super high-quality ingredient from our partners based in Colorado USA, who match our commitment to high levels of ethical production’.

Sue also quotes a recurring theme which dominates feedback from customers.

‘Whilst considering that many employers now insist on regular drug testing regimes for their staff, there is clearly a hugely important distinction to make between Broad Spectrum CBD, which contains no THC’s at all and Full Spectrum CBD, which contains 0.03% THC’s. We view this as a fundamental difference and are shouting from the rooftops about it.’

In recent months, Hanlons Brewery have created an amazing Craft IPA Beer infused with 100% natural, vegan CBD.  This exciting new ale has proved to be a massive hit amongst experienced CBD users and novices alike, with many describing it as the ideal vehicle for their CBD intake.

Sue agrees and is on a mission to spread the word about this pitch perfect new beer, especially at a time where anxiety levels are especially high.

‘I cannot think of a better way to appreciate CBD’s many well- known benefits than whilst drinking a cold glass of Hanlons ale. Bursting with flavour and golden in colour, there is nothing much better in life than sitting back, taking the world in and enjoying this innovative, beautifully constructed IPA’.

Press relase from Hanlons Brewery

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