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20th January 2022

Portman Group’s response to BCAP and CAP Code amendments on low alcohol drinks marketing

In response to the announcement by the ASA on the amendment to the BCAP and CAP Code to allow for responsible marketing of low alcohol drinks Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group, the alcohol social responsibility body and marketing regulator, said:

“As a growing category it is important that consumers are educated about low alcohol choices, and it is imperative that producers adhere to responsible advertising rules. We therefore welcome the amendment to the B/CAP Codes to allow for responsible marketing of low alcohol drinks. It is a testament to the alcohol industry that all responses to the consultation were supportive of the changes to allow low alcohol products to be presented in a beneficial manner. This again highlights the industry’s commitment to the low alcohol category, as well as helping to ensure low-alcohol products are advertised alongside standard strength drinks and thereby provide consumers with greater choice.”


Press release from Portman Group