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8th July 2014

Presenting our Autumn/Winter Limited Edition and Seasonal Releases

Innis & Gunns – summer offerings

Barrelmaster’s Reserve: Highland Cask (7.4%ABV): Exclusive to Sainsbury’s (stores nationwide), this is a rich, rounded Scotch ale that has been slowly matured in rare 18 year-old Highland whisky casks for 60 days. It has a surprisingly delicate, fragrant aroma of spice and rich toffee. Available from October at around £2.50 for a single boxed bottle.

Colour: Golden

Smell: Rich and rounded. Heather-honey, raisins and marzipan

Taste: Rich spice, gentle vanilla sweetness and smooth caramel

Finish: Long and complex

Have with: On its own or with mature cheese
Rare Oak Pale Ale (5.8%ABV): NEW to our seasonal line-up, this is a refreshing pale ale that has been matured over rare Scottish oak (more tannin and less vanillin than American oak) and finished with the addition of sweet gale, which grows wild in the Scottish Highlands and was dried for us by the Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh. Rare Oak Pale Ale has been brewed using a combination of malts, including our own I&G ale malt and the highly-prized Golden Promise, which lends the beer a lovely rich backbone. Sweet gale flowers were infused immediately after maturation to add lightly fragrant, floral notes.

Colour: Pale gold

Smell: Fragrant spice and pine from the sweet gale, earthy hops and caramel malts

Taste: Crisp and light, with light bitterness from the oak

Finish: Very refreshing

Have with: Seared scallops, barbequed meats, ice cream sundaes
Scotch Whisky Porter (7.4%ABV): We’ve hand-selected 12 year-old Scotch whisky casks to mature this Scottish porter, which gives it its unique depth and complexity. Scotch Whisky Porter is brewed using I&G ale malt and chocolate malt, which together give the brew an almost burnt sweetness, like roasted coffee beans and cocoa. The hops complement with their earthy freshness. A great winter warmer, bursting with rich aroma and flavour.

Colour: Deep brown

Smell: A rich maltiness with notes of orange oil, chocolate and sweet bonfire smoke

Taste: Brown sugar, liquorice and coffee beans, with a refreshing hop bitterness

Finish: Complex and satisfying

Have with: Rich meat stews, oysters, chocolate puddings


Both the Rare Oak Pale Ale (on shelf from August) and Scotch Whisky Porter (on shelf from November) will be available to buy in Tesco stores across the country for around £1.99 for a 330ml bottle.


For samples, hi-res photography or further information, please contact Steph Middleton: / 07515 738605

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