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12th July 2013

Pubs ready for instant celebration with Marston’s

Thousands of Britain’s pubs are ready to wet the Royal baby’s head this weekend, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

 Marston’s stockists have EPA beer ready in the cellar to serve with a specially designed badge for the handpull on the bar. One side says “It’s a girl” and the other “It’s a boy” for an instantaneous celebration of the Royal news.

 Marston’s spokesman, Ian Ward said: “While many brewers will make a beer to celebrate the Royal birth after the event we thought that pubs needed a way to celebrate instantly with customers after the news has been announced. This way we hope that the nation can wet the baby’s head along with the family.”

 The Fountain Abbey Inn on Praed Street is the pub closest to the hospital where the baby is due to be born so they are expecting to sell plenty of the beer to the jubilant well-wishers, although proximity to a Royal birth also has its pitfalls too as Assistant manager, Cherelle Newman-Wright explained: “Once the Duchess of Cambridge goes into hospital we may find that the road is closed for security reasons.”


Brewed to be an easy drinking, but flavoursome beer, 3.6% abv EPA uses modern brewing methods and a combination of the modern and classic Cascade and Stryian hops. EPA is a refreshing, lighter blonde ale with subtle citrus flavours and a delicate bitter aftertaste. It will appeal to drinkers both of traditional bitters, ales and even lagers because it delivers refreshment with flavour.