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12th July 2013

THE THINKING DRINKER’S GUIDE TO ALCOHOL returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Assembly Rooms (George Street) 2 – 25 Aug 6.30pm 

Back by popular demand, Edinburgh’s favourite drinking show returns to the Fringe to once again celebrate the lost art of enlightened elbow-bending.
This year, the award-winning duo come armed with a brand new selection of sophisticated spirits including whiskies from both sides of the Pond, an absinthe, rum, gin and more. As audiences sit back and sip six sublime drinks, Tom & Ben will embark on a whistle-stop, liquor-soaked journey through history involving men of the cloth, several animals, some famous artist and philosopher types, Jesus and Mohammed; and- if there’s time – some other characters like Hitler and Harold Shipman. It’s the ideal aperitif to any evening out on the Fringe.
“For serious and not so serious devotees of legal recreational consumables, the ‘Thinking Drinkers Guide to Alcohol’ is your bible” Dan Aykroyd
For the third year running award-winning drinks experts Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham are resurrecting their truly unique imbibing experience at the Assembly Rooms 2 – 25th August 2013. Tom Sandham’s weighty and award-winning book ‘World’s Best Cocktails’ was published in 2012 and August 2013 sees the publication of Ben’s ‘Boutique Beers’ which expertly captures the global craft brewing scene in 254 splendid pages.
“The most entertaining free drinks event I’ve ever been to” Dom Joly
This nation clearly has a serious drinking problem – but it’s one related to quality rather than quantity.” said Tom, award-winning spirits guru. “The mantra of the Thinking Drinker’s Guide to Alcohol is to ‘drink less but drink better’. And, of course, the best way to communicate this message is via the medium of knob gags, funnies, dressing up and – lest we forget – encouraging the discerning consumption of some of the finest drinks on the planet.”
If the Edinburgh Fringe was the Olympics, alcohol would be a banned substance as, when consumed in moderation, it gives the creative mind an unfair advantage,” said Ben McFarland, triple-crowned Beer Writer of the Year. “Contrary to popular belief– a lot of life’s answers can be discovered at the bottom of a glass. Come to the show and find out more – after all, these bottles are not going to drink themselves are they?”
Directed by Malachi Bogdanov
“This is brilliant. I love this show.” The Skinny ★★★★
                                      “Fantastic drinks, with fascinating discussion from funny people” Three Weeks ★★★★
“Impressive….Downright Hilarious” West End Whingers ★★★★
“The spirit of the Fringe flows throughout.”  Mail on Sunday
For more info or interviews you can contact Tom on 07780991443 or Ben on 07980622437