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6th October 2022

Re-launch of AleHunters Belgian Tours

News from Guild Member Paul Davies.

Guild Member Paul Davies’ AleHunters are excited to be relaunching their Belgian tours this month. ‘Following lockdown and a trial tour last Autumn, further lifting of restrictions has enabled us to slowly start putting tourĀ itinerariesĀ onto our website. Beer competitions have resumed and some breweries put Covid relief into upgrading their facilities to allow for visitors.


At the end of the month we will be taking a group of thirsty enthusiasts to Pajottenland with a five day tour of mixed and spontaneous fermentation. Highlights include a beer tasting dinner prepared by an award-winning Zytholoog and a dinner within an historic farmhouse brewery within the Saison belt. October features a hunt for interesting beers in Wallonie with a day spent at the Small Breweries International Festival in Marbehan.

It’s great to be back!

For further infromation, please contact Paul Davies via or 07973 837130.