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8th February 2013

Safe cracking Marston’s Pedigree fan is a diamond geezer

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A cask beer enthusiast from Telford has cracked a unique code in a national promotion landing himself a £6,000 diamond!

John Parr, a retired Civil Servant from Apley in Telford, managed to crack the Marston’s Pedigree Diamond online promotion last Saturday by working out the correct five digit code for a safe containing a diamond.

Launched last summer, Marston’s Pedigree offered drinkers the chance to win the stunning diamond valued at £6,000 in a promotion to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. A unique reference code with every purchase of Marston’s Pedigree in bottle and on draught provided entry to an online vault with one attempt to crack a safe containing with a five-digit code. Drinkers had a 1:1,800,000 chance to work out the correct code for the safe.

Since its launch over 17,000 attempts by at least 8,000 unique users have been made in the online vault. John himself managed to accumulate a number of scratch cards whilst out drinking with his son, David. He said: “I realised that the closing date was looming and decided to sit down and blitz through the codes in one go. By then there were clues to say which numbers were correct so it was just a matter of patience and logic.”


As an ex-IT Services Manager for the Inland Revenue in Telford John hasn’t yet decided what he will do with the diamond and added: “At least I know that my prize is not taxable!”


Kirsty Polmeer, Assistant Brand Manager for Marston’s Pedigree said: “We are thrilled that John managed to crack the code for the diamond. A hugely successful promotion, the code breaking has been a challenging task. Pedigree drinkers are clearly a cut above the average beer fan but John obviously had the clarity of thought to shine through!”




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