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11th February 2014

Sauce of Content! Ruhstaller quintet get UK debut

Five beers from Ruhstaller, the Californian pioneer brewer originally founded in Sacramento in 1881, will be available in the UK for the first time from March 1st.
Recently named amongst ‘The 10 Great American Farmhouse Breweries’ by Bon Appétit Magazine, Ruhstaller are giving five beers a UK debut: The Sauce, Gilt Edge, CAPT., 1881 and Hop Sac.
THE SAUCE is a 6.5% clear black coffee-infused porter, which uses beans grown from the highland cloud forest of Panama’s fabled Los Lajones Estate. Los Lajones is located at 2,000m, between two lava flows, and grows beans warmed by alternating winds from the Pacific and Caribbean. Los Lajones’ coffee legend Graciano Cruz allows only 20 hand-picked roasters to work with his coveted beans.
GILT EDGE, a Gold Medal winner in the 2013 International Craft Beer Awards, is a 4.8% pilsner rated at 94 on Ratebeer. Ruhstaller describe Gilt Edge as: Refreshing, flavourful and reflective of the sunshine that makes the Sacramento Valley America’s Farm-to-Fork capital.
CAPT., named in honour of brewer founder Captain Frank Ruhstaller and Gold Medal Winner in the 2013 US Beer Open, is a chocolate-coloured 7.6% IPA rated at 90 on Ratebeer. Ruhstaller note that CAPT. embodies Captain Ruhstaller’s legacy, boldly balancing the bright citrus aroma and profile of an IPA with a surprisingly smooth, lightly roasted, chocolate malt body.
1881 is a straw-coloured 5.6% Red Ale rated 81 on 1881 showcases the lively character and floral aromatics of California-grown hops. A mild caramel sweetness gives way to a fresh pine and grapefruit citrus note and balanced bitterness for a dry and refreshing, but flavourful, ale.
HOP SAC is a 6.0% Californian Wet Hop Ale which uses fresh hops picked at the height of ripeness (the morning of August 1st) and placed in the brew kettle by the end of the day. Hop Sac explores the concept of terroir – the specific combination of geographic and climatic factors (e.g. rainfall, temperature and humidity) that influence growing conditions at a certain place.
Visitors to the Craft Beer Rising event which takes place at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London between 21st and 23rd February 2014, will get a preview of Ruhstaller’s range before the quintet are available for general consumption.
Ruhstaller’s portfolio will be available in the UK through Left Coast Distribution. For more information, contact Nigel Garlick on 07977 507447 or­­­­
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