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14th April 2021


Candidates asked to ‘back the sector’ by signing pledge  

The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA), the leading trade association for pubs and breweries in Scotland, has today launched its manifesto in which it sets out a clear list of priorities for politicians in spearheading the recovery and future of the sector. As part of the manifesto, it is also seeking to engage prospective MSPs to commit to a four-point pledge of support.

Central to the manifesto is a commitment from Parliament that 2021 will be a year of supported recovery for a sector that employs 67,000 people in Scotland and in a pre-covid year would be a national economic powerhouse and bedrock for local communities.

The Scottish Beer and Pub Association is calling for a Scottish pubs sector strategy and recovery plan, a dedicated Covid recovery fund and a Scottish Pubs Minister to lead the recovery. In addition, it is asking for eight regulatory commitments, including that coronavirus restrictions will be based on regular science-based reviews, assurances the restrictions will be lifted in full in time and a moratorium in the new Parliament on further legislation that will place extra cost burdens on the sector.

Support for a new industry led apprenticeship scheme to drive job creation and skills, a funded green economy plan for beer and pubs and policy changes to stimulate responsible drinking including in incentivising lower strength drinks, are also in the manifesto.

Prospective MSPs are being asked to sign a pledge to:

  • Champion Scotland’s pubs, bars & breweries
  • Help the sector’s Covid-19 recovery
  • Recognise that pubs are the largest community outreach network
  • Put pubs and bars at the heart of community and town centre regeneration planning

Launching the manifesto President of the Scottish Beer and Pub Association, Edith Monfries said:

“There are over 4000 pubs in Scotland and 130 breweries contributing £1.66bn to the economy and paying £785m in wages. Fast tracking the recovery of our sector will be critical to Scotland’s economic and social recovery. In our manifesto today we set out our clearly defined route-map for success which we hope the next government will listen to and work with us to make happen.

“We need a long-term plan that makes Scottish pubs and breweries sustainable for the future so that Scotland’s vibrant hospitality and tourism sector can thrive once again.

“Pubs are the bedrock of every community and constituency in Scotland, central to social recovery and part of the solution to heal isolated communities so we appeal to prospective MSPs to join us in signing up to our pledge to support Scotland’s pubs and breweries.”


14 April 2021

Notes to Editor: 

A copy of the SBPA 2021 Manifesto is available here:

Media interview with SBPA President 

Edith Monfries, President of SBPA is available for interview on Wednesday 14 April via telephone or video and at Glasgow pub (locaton tbc) on Monday 26 April.  Contact or

About Edith 

Edith is the Chief Operating Officer and on the Board of Hawthorn, the Community Pub Co., the 7th largest pub company in the UK with over 100 pubs in Scotland. She is also Head of HR and a member of the Executive Committee of NewRiver REIT plc, a FTSE listed company and parent company of Hawthorn. She is a Chartered Accountant and has over 30 years’ experience, combining Finance, Operational and HR roles, specialising in advising business in strategic and operational matters, and championing a people-first culture.

Press release from the Scottish Beer & Pub Association


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