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26th October 2021


SkinnyBrands Premium Lager, Skinny Lager has recorded a 65% revenue growth for 2021 (YoY), despite the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and Brexit widely affecting the industry.

Skinny Lager is a premium lager, 4% ABV at only 89 calories per bottle, while also being gluten-free and vegan-certified. The brand is distributed nationwide in Tesco (Free from), Morrisons, Asda and online with Amazon and Ocado with plans in place to further its consumer market listings.

 The Skinny Lager draught version has also gained listings in nationwide wholesalers and foodservice, along with brand exports rising, with Skinny Lager now already available in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and will launch in the US and Canada this year, along with the Balearics and Spain in 2022.

During the initial UK lockdown and the closure of hospitality, consumers were drinking more frequently, purchasing beer online and wanting to watch their calories. Skinny Lager championed this trend and, as a result, became the ‘Most reviewed lower calorie lager’ on Amazon UK for their 12-pack 330ml bottles (4.6-star rating) and saw a 220% surge in sales.

The brand has worked relentlessly on growing and retaining a loyal fan base of Skinny Lager adorers post-lockdown to keep driving sales across the multiples.

In a crowded and competitive sector, SkinnyBrands believes the key to reaching new-to-brand consumers comes from the success of Skinny Lager standing out on the shelf. The Skinny Lager packaging looks to tell an educational story that helps the brand stand out at point of purchase, complemented by out-of-category aisle spaces.

A series of digital campaigns has also ensured Skinny Lager stands out on .com sites and entices in new audiences.  This omni-channel approach of the brand has meant their shoppers can purchase Skinny Lager at every touchpoint, making it readily accessible.

The brand also continues to champion awareness and education within the multiples,  adding 330ml cans to the range – a launch inspired by demand from Skinny Lager fans.

With worldwide distribution growing, SkinnyBrands is now working towards an above-the-line TV and media campaign to raise the awareness of Skinny Lager in the mainstream. This will be unveiled in the new year.

Adrian Hirst CEO from SkinnyBrands said: “The beverage industry needs to modernise and evolve with the needs of consumers. It was clear during lockdown that having a brand so readily accessible online would appeal massively to consumers and something we really benefited from. Skinny Lager also supports the renewed interest in calorie content transparency, where consumers can make informed decisions.”

Lucy Chan Chappells, marketing manager from SkinnyBrands added: “To see the extensive growth we have managed to achieve in 2021 is something we’re incredibly proud of from our small and mighty team.”

“Accessibility is essential to the growth of the brand and we have worked hard to ensure we are readily available for drinkers to discover us. We also want to showcase the brand and help it become a household name, so fans can enjoy lager while sticking to their lifestyle and fitness goals, or if they’ve previously been restricted due to dietary needs.”

SkinnyBrands will also look to unveil another innovative beer brand in 2022 in harmony with Skinny Lager.

For more information please visit the SkinnyBrands website and follow Skinny Lager on Instagram @SkinnyLager and on Facebook.


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Notes to Editors:

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager is full flavour, 4% ABV, and only 89 Calories. See how SkinnyBrands Premium Lager Compares to other premium lager brands at our comparison table.

Nutritional information per 330ml Skinny Lager:

4% ABV

0.9% Carbs

89 calories (35 per cent less than average lager)

0.4% Sugar

0% Fat

Gluten Free

Vegan Friendly

Kosher Certified

Produced under licence at Cameron’s Brewery in Hartlepool by North West-based drinks company, Skinny Brands Ltd, Skinny Lager is made with four simple ingredients: water, malted barley, hops and carbon dioxide. A special brewing process allows the residual sugars to be extracted to create the low-calorie and flavourful product.

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