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30th September 2020

Solvay Society Brewing Release Bière de Garde

Post-Hoc Fallacy, a keg only special brewed in collaboration with McColl’s Brewing

The post-hoc fallacy states that because B comes after A, B must be a consequence of A. This is obviously not always the case but it can be tempting to buy into the causality.

This Bière de Garde is a non-causal one: it doesn’t follow on from what its name suggests and offers much more than classic Bière de Gardes.

This chestnut-coloured ale was brewed with a careful selection of American hops and fermented with two different yeasts before being lagered for 6 weeks. The result is an unexpectedly satisfying autumnal beer that blends notes of coconut, burnt sugar and honey with a unique floral aroma.

Bière de Garde, meaning ‘keeping beer’ in French, is a relatively nebulous style – much like its more popular cousin, the saison.

These beers tend to be more malt-forward than saisons and, as the name suggests, lagered for some period of time.

About Solvay Society

Belgian born, London brewed. Solvay Society was founded in 2014 brewing modern Belgian beer on the London-Essex border. Their founder takes inspiration from his Belgian heritage but has been a Londoner for over a decade. Roman uses his scientific background and PhD in Physics to make modern Belgian beer, focusing on the invention and the art of taste.

Contact: Roman Hochuli []