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27th November 2018

Stone UNIQCAN-Series Winter Release: LERVIG / Stone Hi, I’m Kveik IPA

… the Norwegian farmhouse yeast in our IPA might be the hottest thing in yeast and fermentation this Berlin winter!

Berlin, November 27 2018 – The LERVIG / Stone Hi I’m Kveik! IPA is Stone Brewing – Berlins sixth and final Stone UNIQCAN release for 2018, brewed with LERVIG from Stavanger, Norway. The special element to this beer? A specifically Norwegian twist in the form of “Kveik.” The word Kveik is a dialect-specific Norwegian word for yeast and can be found in thousands of different, unpurified varieties. Back in the day, Norwegian farmers used this yeast to brew and ferment beer on their own farms. As the years went on, each location slowly developed their own strain of this yeast – each as unique and delicious as the world of craft beer itself.

For this beer we chose the “Hornindal Kveik” mix of yeast, which brings out light hints of tangerine, pineapple and other exotic fruit flavors in beer.  In contrast to other yeasts, this mixture of yeast strains can ferment at temperatures up to 40 °C (quite a bit warmer than other beers) while still producing a nice, clean ale without any off-flavors. The flavors from the Kveik are balanced by a burst of fruity hop flavors creating distinctly delicious ale. It’s the perfect finale to a great year of exotic beers and demanding challenges for our brewers.

Thomas Tyrell, Master Brewer Stone Brewing Berlin: “It’s been an honor for us to brew this very special beer with Mike. All the beers of LERVIG that I have tried so far have had an incredible distinct taste. It’s been a lot of fun to brew this beer, especially with all the trials we did here at Stone Brewing Berlin to get to know our little friend Kveik a bit better.“

“I have been a fan of Stone Brewing from the early days, hopefully one day Stone will come brew with us on our site” adds Mike Murphy, Master Brewer at LERVIG. “Since we’re representing the Norwegian brewing side we decided to make a modern day IPA with traditional Norwegian yeast. The character of the Kveik complements the fruity hops very well.“

Quick Facts

Name: LERVIG / Stone Hi, I’m Kveik!

Stats: 6.2% ABV, 40 IBUs, OG 14 °P, EA 3°P

Featured Malts: barley malt, wheat malt, oats

Featured Hops: Citra, Azzaca, Mandarina Bavaria

Featured Yeast: Hornindal Kveik

Availability: across Europe in 0,5l Stone UNIQCANs and from draft


Tasting Notes
Appearance: Golden opalescent haze with a white foam head
Aroma: Pineapple, plum, citrus with a decent hoppy background
Taste: Stone fruit, piney, pear and pineapple
Palate: Gentle warming, full bodied, balanced bitterness
Overall: Mild bitterness, full bodied, pineapple, plum


(Thomas Tyrell, Master Brewer at Stone Brewing Berlin)

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Further information and images in printable format can be found in our drop boxes for photos, pictures and logos, as well as further press material here.


LERVIG is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Stavanger, Norway. We produce a wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales, barrel-aged barley wines and sour beers.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing for both everyday people and craft beer lovers alike. Our goals are to brew the best beers in the world, we like to work outside our comfort zone as well as combine our creativity with the years of craft brewing experience that our brewers have. Everyday we work harder to deliver the quality our customers expect from LERVIG.

Today LERVIG is focused on growth – we push the creative limits of brewing while making sure we have a healthy supply of refreshing beers to ship throughout Norway and beyond. LERVIG’s people are what makes this brewery even more special: You’ll find an international team bringing a global perspective to our brewing process, working hard to make sure that LERVIG keeps producing the quality craft beers you’ve come to expect.

About Stone Brewing – Berlin
Nestled in a historic 1901 gasworks facility, Stone Brewing – Berlin celebrated its official opening in September 2016. Hailing from San Diego, CA, since 1996 Stone Brewing has been known for its unique, big-character beers featuring bold flavors that defy traditional style guidelines and expectations.

It has been named the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate magazine, twice. The company’s craft beers are now distributed throughout Germany and more than 30 countries in Europe. The Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens provides a destination restaurant devoted to celebrating artisanal food & beer and features up to 75 beers on tap, making it the largest beer selection in Germany. In combination with the amazing beer, the restaurant’s world-inspired cuisine has won the Bier, Bars & Brauer award for “Best Beer Gastronomy in Germany”. Additionally, the company was voted among the Top 10 Breweries in the country of Germany. Lunch and dinner are served daily, and brewery tours (with tastings!) are available in both German and English. For more information, please visit please visit or the company’s social media sites: FacebookInstagramand Twitter.


Contact LERVIG
Anders Heide Kleinstrup 
Lervig Aktiebryggeri AS | Vierveien 1, Hillevåg | N-4016, Stavanger, Norway
P +47 51 81 25 00 | |

Contact Stone Brewing European Markets
Colin Lenz
Stone Brewing GmbH | Im Marienpark 22 | 12107 Berlin, Germany
P +49 30 212 343 40 | M +49 151 239 71 870 | |